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With Piepacker – Retro Gaming Journal, retro players get a free social gaming platform

A free and legal The online platform will soon be available to all fans of retro games. Just register with Piepacker, invite your friends and start playing. No downloads, no subscriptions, no hassle: open it on Chrome and you’re good to go. The multiplayer architecture is enhanced by a video chat function, with which players can also wear live 3D masks from their favorite titles. Online games are more fun than ever and some platforms offer you even more. Try a Rizk bonus code if you want to be pleasantly surprised. More than 60 games are already available on the platform for Piepacker’s retro portfolio, including popular titles such as Worms: world party (Playstation), Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 (SEGA Genesis), Fury of dragons (Neo Geo), Glover (PlayStation) and Sensible football (SEGA Genesis).

The first group of publishers to join the initiative includes Team17, Piko Interactive, Codemasters, Morphcat Games, Bitmap Bureau, Megacat Studios, Dullahan Software and Interplay. Lakhvir Takhar, Business Development Manager for Team17, reveals the ambition behind the project: “Piepacker has the potential to become Spotify for video games: there is finally a free and accessible platform for online multiplayer.” The classic “Worms” by Team 17 celebrates its 30th anniversary. Partnering with Piepacker is therefore a great way to bring old and new players together to have fun together.

A mix of the best titles from retro games, new indie and exclusive games is what you can expect at Piepacker. Benjamin Devienne, one of the co-founders, explains, “Our users will have a lot of great, easy-to-access games on launch thanks to the partner publishers. Piepacker wants to be the platform to welcome indie creations along with the nostalgia of retro games. “Devienne founded Piepacker with his friend Jules Testard. In this pair of French emigrants, Devienne is the front man. He founded the data science division of Gameloft, a French mobile game giant. Facebook snapped him out of the video game industry and became head of analytics for the data science department. Twitch then recruited him to head research strategy for machine learning-oriented projects. Not bad for a kid under 30.

The two friends gathered a team of former employees from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, EA, Blizzard-Activision and Twitter. After just a few weeks of development, Y Combinator, the launch accelerator that gave birth to Airbnb, Twitch, Dropbox, and even Reddit, decided to endorse Piepacker. The new platform has received its first exclusive products: Xeno crisis, developed by Bitmap Bureau and Micro magician from Morphcat Games will be exclusive cloud gaming titles for Piepackers. Another classic, Sensible Soccer, is set to make a great return, allowing its fans to play with friends online.

The project is now starting on Kickstarter. The campaign opens on April 20th and runs until May 21st, 2021. The platform will be open to the public later this year, but registrations are already open.

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