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SaGa Frontier Remastered is right here! – Retro Gaming Journal

A classic born again always arouses deep emotions. Starting April 15, 2021, those of you who weren’t even born in 1998 can experience all the fun of digging your way into this popular role-playing game. Improved graphics, additional functions, a new main character and access via Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In 1997 everything was born in Japanese. In that market, the game was the seventh in the SaGa series, but outside of Japan, previous releases had used the Final Fantasy brand. Sony Computer Entertainment released the game in North America a year later. It was then that the SaGa brand made its way west on the PlayStation for the first time.

Successful gaming knows no boundaries. Just as you can use all of the British Casino Bonus Codes wherever you are, you can also explore SaGa’s The Regions and jump from world to world. Choose who you want to be among the seven heroes of this fantastic universe. Each of them has their own plot and goals. SaGa’s “Free Scenario System” means that you are free almost anywhere and can interact with anyone. The regions, also called planets, of this imaginary universe are well connected by interregional ships that regularly ply between them.

Asellus, Blue, Emelia, Lute, Red, Riki and T260G, the beloved heroes known to the players of the original game, are still here to live, love and fight in the remake. The newcomer is die-hard detective Fuse, who has a different way of working. You can only unlock its functionality after you’ve played all of the others’ roles. Fuse’s actions then offer more insight into their individual storylines.

SaGa’s free scenario is a non-linear system that leaves a number of options open. After choosing his hero, the player has a main objective and missions, but also many side quests. Anyone can choose to follow these secondary storylines and occasionally meet other main characters on their travels. The course of the story is influenced by this multiple selection and the players can freely decide which characters they want to team up with. Decisions made in dialogue options and optional quests can affect the ending. The advantage of this architecture is the abundance of possible repetitions: you can select a different character and change individual options to achieve a different result.

Unlike other games, SaGa Frontier doesn’t make its characters win levels, but it does increase their stats after battles. During the fight, new techniques can be unlocked during “Glimmers”. The more battles they fight, the more powerful the characters become. Your regular enemies will improve in the same way, so it can be difficult to judge who will win. The whole system can be a little puzzling to modern gamers with no experience with vintage RPGs, but old fans of SaGa games will love this one. The graphics have been kept in the original PlayStation style but enhanced in HD mode to ensure proper satisfaction on today’s screens. Auto-saving and increasing game speed are two additions that make the game run smoother.

All in all, SaGa Frontier Remastered is too good for any real retro gamer to miss out on.

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