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Nintendo affords a snapshot of its world workforce in a brand new report

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As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility report, Nintendo provided an overview of its global activities and employee numbers in a practical infographic.

Page three of this annual report shows a map of the world with all Nintendo’s global offices and employee numbers as of the end of March 2021, as well as a percentage breakdown of male and female employees in each region.

The company has a total of 27 subsidiaries and employs 6,574 people worldwide – an increase compared to the 26 subsidiaries and 6,200 employees described in last year’s CSR report. You can see the individual numbers in the picture below:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Asia has the largest number of employees with a total of 2,498 employees, 80.5% of whom identify as men and 19.5% as women.

Nintendo of America is the next largest in terms of employee numbers with 1,256 employees on the books. NOA does a little better in terms of the gender ratio, with 36.5% women in staff versus 63.5% men.

Nintendo Australia’s comparatively small 91-person office is by far the closest in terms of gender parity, with women actually outnumbering 47 to 44 men.

And Nintendo of Europe employs a total of 901 people – 38.1% of them women and 61.9% men.

All of these numbers represent a minor shift towards gender equality compared to last year, although progress has been slow in this regard. Overall, it’s fascinating to take a snapshot of the company and its employees around the world. The document also includes a regional hardware and software revenue breakdown, which we covered when the company released its 2020/21 financial results.

Surprised to see NOA is almost exactly half the size of NCL, or how small the company’s Australian branch is by comparison? Let us know below.


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