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Microsoft confirms that the Home windows 11 PC Well being Test was “not totally ready”

Microsoft has temporarily withdrawn the PC Health Check app while it works to take into account user feedback. The Windows team says the app will return in time for the Windows 11 launch later this year.

The PC Health Check app should provide an easy way to check Windows 11 compatibility on Windows 10 computers that are ready for the new operating system to start. However, users originally found it lacked specificity – the app would say your PC doesn’t support Windows 11 but doesn’t explain why.

Microsoft had tried to patch in a little more guidance for users: when the app told a user that they couldn’t upgrade to Windows 11, it would display a small message with the reason. However, this was clearly not cutting either.

The PC Health Check app will now be removed until a later date to be set. We know it will arrive at least before Windows 11 rolls out this fall.

“Based on previous feedback, we recognize that it was not fully prepared to provide the level of detail or accuracy we expected why a Windows 10 PC did not meet the upgrade requirements,” read a Windows Insider blog post . “We are temporarily removing the app so our teams can respond to the feedback. We will bring it back online in the fall in preparation for general availability.”

If the last thing you heard about the app before it broke was that you couldn’t upgrade to Windows 11, check out the Windows 11 system specifications. And if you’re wondering what the heck a TPM 2.0 is, we’ve got you covered in our TPM 2.0 guide, too.


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