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ES File Explorer Professional Newest Model For Android

ES File Explorer Pro Patched is the best file manager android app ever, with the help of that you can keep important documents safely in the mobile.

When we take a new mobile phone, we get a file manager in it, with the help of which you can organize and hide your important documents. But the built-in file manager offers you regular features due to which you cannot lock your documents or videos.

In such a case, if you are also searching for any Android app that has many advanced security options, then we have brought you ES File Explorer Pro Patched for Android.

ES File Explorer gives you many great features and is very easy to use, it also has a search option, ES File Explorer has captured 80% of the Android market.

As it is very popular in ES File Explorer Android market, there are many versions available in this market in which ES File Explorer mod apk, ES File Explorer pro and ES File Explorer pro Patched apps are available.

So, this article helps you to make good use of the feature, so here we google about the features and other things. Let us introduce you to ES File Explorer.

What is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is designed for Android platform and this app was launched in 2016, with the help of this app you can easily manage your files and app,

Said in simple language, it means that your mobile phone storage is full. If this is done, you can take the help of ES File Explorer app to remove unnecessary files from your mobile phone.

ES File Explorer Pro Patched is installed in your mobile with the best version and with the help of this app you can hide any android file and apps and use it whenever you want.

Features of ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a great app that has many features which the user likes a lot, we have tried to explain it to you with the help of the points below, in ES File Explorer Pro Patched you can manage your files and apps according to you. You can keep it as you like.

  • File Explorer
  • trash
  • to clean files
  • to analyze files
  • download manager
  • To send and receive files
  • file compression
  • To show hidden files
  • Extract the zip file
  • To edit or view an html file
  • no ads

MOD APK version of ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer offers its own premium package, with which you get features like HTML file editing or viewing, no ads, file compression, unhide hidden files, ES File Explorer Pro charges $9.99 per month from a patched user. In such a situation, many users cannot afford the price of this package, so they keep looking for the File Explorer Pro hack version.

If you are also one of them, you will get the ES File Explorer pro mod apk download link below, and from there you can download it, in this version you will be able to use all the features absolutely for free, which you even use safely in life time.

Download and install ES File Explorer pro Apk

You can easily download the latest version of File Explorer Pro Patched from the link below, after downloading this android apk file on your mobile,

You will be able to get it as apk file in the download folder of the mobile and then you can install it on your mobile without any interruption.

If you are facing any problem in installing File Explorer Pro Patched after downloading it on your smartphone, then you should follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, if you have installed es file explorer Pro Patched from google play store then uninstall it
  • Next, go to the place where you downloaded your es-file Explorer Pro app and click on it
  • Next, allow the apk file in Android with the required files.
  • Now click on the install button and wait for some time.
  • After the installation process is completed, you can use it on your mobile phone.

Best ES File Explorer Alternative Apps

In India in the month of June 2020, more than 200 Chinese apps were blocked by the Government of India, with ES File Explorer being one of the reasons, ES File Explorer pro Patched alternative app became very popular,

Some of them are Android, there are apps which have become very popular all over the world, which have the ability to completely remove ES File Explorer pro, some of them are given below alternative

  • solid explorer
  • google files
  • explorer
  • FX File Explorer
  • File Commander
  • total leader
  • ASTRO . File Manager

ES File Explorer pro Patched FQA’s

What replaced ES File Explorer?

After ES File Explorer was banned in India, some ES File Explorer alternatives were in the market, and they became popular and appeared in the replaced ES File Explorer android app, of which there is below.

  • solid explorer
  • google files
  • explorer
  • FX File Explorer

How much does es premium cost?

Es premium is a great file management app with which you can use the advanced features and because of that the global company that launched es premium pro has kept a premium plan for this app of $9.99 per month.

How do I get ES File Explorer PRO for free?

To use ES File Explorer Pro for free, you have to follow some easy steps in which you have to find the latest patched version of ES File Explorer Pro on the internet and you can use it. For Es Explorer Pro Patched version, you can also read our article above.


As we mentioned above, ES File Explorer Pro Patched is one of the most popular file management applications, you can use it easily, if you are looking for an alternative to ES File Explorer Pro, you can also find above what is ES File Explorer Pro will help you a lot if you want to keep The security of your files plus the best features in Gamense .

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