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Evil Useless: The sport truly seems to be fairly good

I didn’t expect to tell you that Evil Dead’s new official video game actually looks pretty good, but here we are. Saber Interactive revealed a new trailer for the co-op zombie slayer during the Summer Game Fest kickoff stream, which you can check out here.

Evil Dead: This game may sound familiar to you if you’ve played Left 4 Dead a lot or are looking forward to Back 4 Blood, but there are a few key differences that will stand out. For one, the game is in the third-person perspective and could be some kind of competitive element. Interestingly, it also appears to be focused on hand-to-hand combat (although we spotted some gunfights there as well). Here are some really gnarled melee executions that work pretty well in the absurd world of Evil Dead.

Co-op seems to be the main mode and players have access to recognizable characters from the films, like this one armored guy with a sword that apparently appears in one of the films that I haven’t seen. You can also play as zombies, which just sounds like a good time.

Evil Dead: The Game is coming to all consoles, PCs, and even the Switch.


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