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Woven Pocket Version is a cell port of the kid-friendly platform journey recreation that’s obtainable now for Android

Developer StickyLock has released a mobile version of its moderately well-received PC and console platform adventure game Woven. It’s called the Woven Pocket Edition.

In case you’ve never played it, Woven is a kid-friendly title where you play as a stuffed elephant in a world of woolen creatures. This elephant, whose name is Stuffy, is accompanied by a metal firefly called Glitch.

The goal is to help Stuffy figure out where all of the machines suddenly came from, why Glitch popped up, and explore the “world of wool, fabric, and hidden dangers” in general.

To do this, you will need to find blueprints for animals that can be used to change Stuffy’s form and skills. For example, you can give him a pair of rabbit legs to replace his old elephant legs so he can jump much higher.

Woven is a simple, slow, and undisputed game that is suitable for a younger player who likes the idea of ​​Ratchet and Clank but isn’t ready for the big leagues just yet.

You can now download it for free from the Google Play Store. There is an IAP to unlock the entire game.


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