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The extraordinarily metallic retro shooter Amid Evil now has RTX lighting

Amidst evil, my favorite mix of ’90s aesthetics and modern technology is in any retro shooter. It’s pixelated and full of low-poly enemies, but every world you travel through is unique. You can kill contortionists and wizards in a cosmic void and walk over the tops of gigantic machines in an oppressive no man’s land. I’ve played through each phase and plan to do everything again with RTX thanks to today’s update.

Amid evil developer Indefatigable has been working on adding ray tracing since 2019 “for no other reason than because it looks damn cute,” and it’s been playable in beta for more than a year. After a lot of testing, RTX was finally integrated into the game along with DLSS 2.0. Even if you don’t have an RTX card, you can still benefit from DLSS – this is a game you really want to play at 144 fps if possible.

When opening Amid Evil in Steam, there is now a start option to play with activated RTX support. If you always want RTX support, you can right-click the game, click Properties, and paste “-dx12” (without the quotation marks) in the Startup Options box. Here is the list of Amid Evil’s ray tracing options via the Steam page:

  • Reflections: Reflections enable realistic reflections. This means that you can see things in reflections that would be behind the camera view. For example, look into a puddle and see the roof in detail. Or behind you in a reflective wall.
  • Screen Percentage: Screen Percentage is the percentage of the screen on which reflections are tracked. You will get a lower resolution reflection the lower the percentage. Around 80% is a good balance between quality and performance.
  • Shadows: Ray traced shadows allow you to cast shadows on enemies and more accurate shadows from dynamic lights.
  • Maximum Shadows: This sets the maximum number of projectors that will project shadows. At 12 there is a good balance between quality and performance.
  • Light Enhancement: This enhances existing dynamic lights on decorations in the plane (flashlights, spotlights, etc.). This is associated with performance costs.
  • Reflect Boost: This increases the threshold at which reflections on materials appear. This is associated with performance costs.

In the midst of Evil, the developers are also working on a “full prequel expansion” called The Black Labyrinth. No due date yet.


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