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The dual stick shooter west of Lifeless receives restricted bodily clearance when turned on

West of Dead, Raw Fury’s twin-stick shooter that was released on the Switch eShop last summer, will be treated with a limited physical edition. The best news? Pre-orders go live today.

This new physical version includes the base game as well as the Crow DLC, all of which are included in the shopping cart. You can later purchase a copy of Limited Run Games (although this is not part of the Limited Run numbered series) for $ 34.99 starting at 12:00 EST / 5:00 PM BST.

Here is an official description and feature list if you want to learn more:

West of Dead turns players into a dead man walking in Wyoming Purgatory in 1888 (voiced by famous actor Ron Perlman). It is a place of gun smoke and darkness, sin and damnation, wendigos and witches. The goal is to defeat enemies in this dark version of the Old West with a double-deck shooter action that shows who the fastest weapon in the west really is.

– Twin stick shooter with tactical cover mechanics
– A dark and gritty wild west
– Procedural hunting grounds for a variety of activities
– Roguelike to the core
-A dark, somber setting
– Unlock infernal revolvers and rifles
– Secret links between levels

West of Dead

5,000 copies are available on Switch and 2,000 copies are available on PS4.

Do you treat yourself to a copy?


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