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Promising Roguelite Digger / Dungeon Crawler Mashup ‘Dungeons & Miners’ Resurfaces and searching for beta testers – MCM Gaming

I’m always excited to see a video game project that we loved but haven’t heard from in a while. It emerges from the shadows to let everyone know that it is still alive and running. Such is the case with Dungeons & Miners by developer Angry Bugs, a game that was originally announced almost 4 years ago in August 2017. It was supposed to be a roguelite digging game mixed with dungeon crawling and loot and inspired by games like Dead Cells. Terraria, Rogue Legacy, and Spelunky, but all wrapped up in a more casual and mobile package with portrait orientation and one-finger gameplay. We loved it, and the gamers on our forums loved it as the excitement continued for a few months after the game was announced.

In the spring of 2018, Angry Bugs released an update to Dungeons & Miners announcing that they had adopted their original concept of an ultra-casual mobile game and would instead turn it into a more traditional roguelite action game that is also spread across multiple platforms targets cellphone, cellphone. Gone was the orientation of the portrait in favor of the landscape that would look appropriate on televisions and monitors, and the entire game was greatly improved in the visual department by this point as well.

It all sounded good, but then the whole project fell silent after that big announcement. We’ve heard a lot about Dungeons & Miners to this day when Angry Bugs triumphantly returned to the thread for the game on our forums to announce that they are indeed still alive and kicking. Additionally, according to them, they are “close to finishing this game … yes, no kidding!” During that long period of silence, they had other projects to work on to pay the bills, but now they can. Return to this passion project and see how it is completed. They’ve also reverted to some of the original concepts and will turn this game into a mobile-centric, portrait-centric game. You can see all kinds of action in Dungeons & Miners in the following trailer.

Holy Moly. That looks right in my alley. It’s never fun to wait long for a game to be released, but sometimes that whole journey is necessary for a game to find its identity and become something special. I think the original idea for Dungeons & Miners was solid, and then its linchpin might have been too ambitious, but now it has re-dialed things a bit while maintaining some of the lessons from that linchpin to create a gaming mashup to create that really looks amazing. Angry Bugs doesn’t seem to be lying when they say they are about to release, and in fact they are looking for a bit of beta testing help to fix issues during this final stage of development. If you’re interested in helping with testing, see the forum thread above. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the newly resurrected Dungeons & Miners project.


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