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Hello everyone and welcome to the week! It’s time again to look back at the notable updates over the past seven days. Another interesting mix of games this week, again with a handful of familiar faces and a few lesser-seen friends. There are lots of cool games in this week’s lineup for you to enjoy. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself by participating in the MCM Gaming forums. This weekly round-up is just here to let you know about the things you may have missed. Here we go!

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, $ 9.99 Some games appear frequently in these articles. Others … almost never. I’ll be happy to introduce one of the games I personally love, and Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind fits that bill. The latest update adds a new spirit, changes a few things to set up the upcoming sequel, and makes a whole bunch of fixes and tweaks for a variety of reasons. Maybe poor reason to start the game again, but I don’t need much more to give Six Ages an evening.

Jetpack Joyride, Free There isn’t much to say about this update, but the game is still very popular. Let’s go through it anyway. The bling event is back, and it’s essentially the same as last time. The same prices, the same goodies to collect, that sort of thing. Jetpack Joyride gets a really new event from time to time, but it seems like it keeps shuffling some of the more popular events of the past between these instances. Not really a bad thing, but if you were already feeling sick of this event when it showed up, there probably isn’t much there for you this time around.

Dan The Man, Free Uh, for some reason Dan the Man has a Halloween event in May. I can’t decide if it’s mega-early or mega-late, but the reality is, it’s here now. In particular, it’s a vampire event. There are new arenas, a new vampire fighter to unlock and some new rewards. Vampire and golden symbols, to be precise, as well as some new emotes. I don’t know why it’s Halloween, but you could argue that vampires are welcome all year round. At least for now, people aren’t shy about welcoming great vampire mommies into their hearts.

Death Road to Canada, $ 14.99 update time to the amazing Death Road to Canada. It’s called Liver and is named after the developer’s favorite food. You’ll get six new special characters that can be recruited, a new perk, a new trait, a range of unlockable hats, more character customization options, new locations, new weapons, a new event, and much more. Free of charge. I love it. It really doesn’t take much thought to award this coveted UMMSotW award for this week. Get it if you haven’t already.

Temple Run 2, Free For some reason, the font the developers used for the latest update logo made me read the title as “Blazing Bands”. What actually sounds great? How do the Temple Runners and Demon Monkeys have a battle of the bands to see who gets to keep the idol? I would get involved in that. But no, it’s Blazing Sands. You have to run through this harsh, barren environment avoiding the obstacles that litter your path and hopefully unlock some new outfits for your troubles. I think it’s okay. I guess. Sigh.

Toon Blast, Free And here’s our mandatory free matching puzzle game update for the week. It’s Toon Blast because I don’t feel like looking for anything better. Don’t worry, there will be a more fitting puzzle game update, but it’s not free to play so the box is unchecked. The theme this time around is “First Meet,” and the update notes don’t give us much more than that. I suppose it explores the deep origins of how the various toons met. Probably on IRC or something.


Subway surfers, free If memory serves, Copenhagen was actually the first stop on this wild world tour that subway surfers have been on for the past few years. And now they’re going back there for the ninth anniversary of the game. There’s a new legendary surfer named Trym with a decidedly Nordic theme, a new Viking board to collect and a new Nordic outfit for Lana. Grab tokens as you make your way through the beautiful city and earn some cool goodies on the seasonal hunt. To celebrate the anniversary, the Birthday Board can be snapped up for free for a limited time.

Star Trek: Legends, sure, I like to look at the icon with Picard. Hello, captain. This latest update adds Episode 7 to the game and continues the story of the crew of the USS Artemis. Torchbearer also meets the Nexus as a collector. The rest of the update seems to be about bug fixes and user interface tweaks. Important things to be sure of, but not the most exciting things to write about. But hey, Picard.

Grindstone, you see, this is the better game I talked about a few paragraphs ago. I mean, I think I put his name in the title so I don’t know why I was trying to build tension. Could have been better planned. Anyway, this update adds a new shrjine to the Daily Grind, Fortune Grind. Hit the wheel and face the consequences. I moved some of the words from the update notes to make them rhyme. I hope you liked it. Or at least forgive me if you didn’t.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run !, Free This update kicks off season two for the game. It’s called Running Outta Time !, so there is probably a time travel business going on there. There are new rewards to collect, new bosses to fight and a range of new themed skins up for grabs. The seasonal gangs start with a squad that includes N-Tropy, Fake Coco, Tiny Tiger and… The Noid? “Really?” It seems like a universal truth: nothing that has ever been popular will ever actually die. The update is rounded off by a new survival run called Dino Might, the new Beach Jungle and various bug fixes and optimizations.

This concludes the important updates of the last week. However, I am sure I missed some. Please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think anything should be mentioned. As usual, important updates this week will likely have their own messages, and I’ll be back next Monday to round up and fill in the blanks. Have a great week!


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