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The Outriders’ armor has been bugged, however there’s a easy resolution

If you’ve noticed you’ve been completely devastated on Outriders expeditions lately, you’re not the only one. Since the last 1.07 update was released last week, the game has had an armor and survivability issue. Fortunately, a nifty Redditor came up with a quick fix. It’s a solution that has been done right by the PC gaming community for years. Just turn your armor off and on again.

Well, equip it and re-equip it. Redditor Thorkle13 shared the issue after saying they were frustrated with how squishy their character appeared to be and that damage control was “almost non-existent, even with defense mods equipped.” Apparently, damage control was improved by not equipping and re-equipping the armor immediately prior to the expedition.

The update seems to have been confirmed in the responses by a few other Redditors, although the exact cause is not yet fully understood. One response indicated that the armor is currently completely defective. The update only causes the defense mods to work again. Another answer indicated that certain mods broke after cutscenes, although this could be a completely different problem.

It’s not the first time that the old “did you try turning it off and on” trick has worked for Outriders. It is the solution to a bug that caused the HUD to disappear. Of course, the update may not work for everyone, but it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re having more problems than usual.


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