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The English pre-registrations for the publication of NieR Reincarnation will observe shortly. The primary localization is full – MCM Gaming

Of all of Square Enix’s free games in Japan, I looked forward to NieR Re[in]The Carnation is released more than any other worldwide due to the music and character designs. After the game was originally released for Japan, Square Enix announced that the global release would include English voice overs if it arrives at a later date. Nier Re[in]The carnation was developed by Applibot with designs by CyDesignation and music by Keiichi Okabe (NieR). It was released in Japan a few months ago and has had some interesting collaborations. The latest of these collaborations is with Drakengard 3 (PS3), another game that I hope will be ported to modern consoles. Over the weekend, Square Enix announced that the initial localization for NieR Re[in]The English publication of the carnation has been completed. A short clip of the English version was also shared. Check it out below:

In the meantime, here’s a little glimpse into the English version of NieR Re[in]Clove!

This is only a small part of what we can share with you, but we plan to share more information as it becomes available. So look forward to it! #NieR #NieRReincarnation #NieRReinEN pic.twitter.com/P9E7fODc8y

– NieR Re [in] carnation EN (@NieRReinEN) May 2, 2021

In addition to confirming that the initial localization for NieR Re[in]The carnation is complete. Director Daichi Matsukawa announced on the official Twitter account that final adjustments will be made in preparation for the upcoming pre-registration. Hopefully we’ll get a release date soon. I thought Never Re[in]Carnation would be released in the west along with the excellent NieR Replicant just released on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, but I was wrong. The NieR Re[in]Carnation Original Soundtrack also recently released in Japan. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the global version. By then, if you’d like to try the Japanese version, it’s available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS here in Japan. Before the NieR Re[in]In the English version of Carnation you can also read SINoALICE and read my interview with Yoko Taro here. Try the Japanese version of NieR Re[in]Carnation or are you still waiting for the English release?


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