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Epic Video games has spent not less than $ 1 billion on unique merchandise

As of September 2019, Epic Games had registered 105 exclusive products for the Epic Games Store, for a total of just over $ 1 billion. This is evident from documents released as part of the ongoing trial of Epic vs. Apple, which actually uncover some very interesting business relationships.

Its October 2019 Performance and Strategy Review (hosted here as PDF) reiterates that Epic spent $ 444 million on its exclusive 2019 product launches: We already knew that. But it also confirms that $ 542 million was spent on launching exclusive products in 2019, while in September 2019 $ 52 million was spent securing four exclusive products for 2021. Of course, that number will have increased since then.

It’s little news that Epic Games is throwing a ton of money into the PC store, but $ 1 billion for exclusive launches – most of which are timed as they usually come to Steam after 12 months – is an astounding figure. Far more astounding than the $ 11 million it spent on its free game offerings between December 2018 and September 2019, which seems pretty tiny given the number of new signups it has maintained.

The exclusives will likely continue to exist. According to Epic’s “Aggressive Pursuit Model” – that is, the model they’ll follow if things go well – we’re aiming for 52 exclusive, 2022 36, 2023 34, and 2024 34 exclusive targets earlier this year doubled in exclusive product launches, it looks like they are following this model.


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