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Claire de Lune is a primary individual puzzle journey utilizing a multipurpose portal weapon

Claire de Lune is an upcoming “story-driven puzzle adventure” about a smuggler named John who is on the run with his daughter Claire. When they are separated after their ship crashes in an alien world, John must use his ingenuity, agility, and handy nanogun to reunite with Claire, repair her ship, and move away from the world.

Of course, it won’t be that simple: John’s escape adventure will take him through a mysterious research facility and he will make some “disturbing” discoveries about the mysterious force that brought him down.

The game promises puzzles, platforming, stealth sequences and first-person battles, all in a “humorous and touching storyline” with multiple choice dialog interactions with Clair and your AI buddy. However, based on the new gameplay trailer, it looks like the centerpiece of the experience will be the Nanogun, a handheld gizmo that has a superficial resemblance to a portal weapon. It can create solid blocks, energy rails to slide along, and I suspect that jump pads allow the player to cross gaps and reach heights that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Claire de Lune is expected to be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store sometime this spring. Please visit clairegame.com for more information.


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