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Melee Royale Naraka: Bladepoint is doing an open beta subsequent week

Naraka: Bladepoint was introduced in 2019 as a multiplayer melee action game with a “limitless movement system”, accessible controls, and a block-and-parry system that does not use or even have a block button.

“The players will feel every attack and use everything in their skills and their armory to achieve victory,” said developer 24 Entertainment. “Our teams have created something visually stunning that will appeal to fans of online multiplayer battles immediately.”

Unlike most battle royales where guns are paramount, Naraka: Bladepoint is based on hand-to-hand combat and extreme mobility: players can run on the wall and carry a grappling hook that can be used for virtually anything, including other players. Ranged weapons are available, and 24 Entertainment told GamesRadar that players should wear at least one in order to “handle complex combat situations.” But it was also recognized that most of the people in the closed beta seemed to prefer a more hands-on approach than kick ass.

“Hand-to-hand combat seems to be the preferred fighting style,” said the studio. “The excitement you get when you switch to melee weapons and go after your enemies with your teammates is a unique feature of Naraka: Bladepoint.”

Hand-to-hand combat in video games is hard to do effectively, but we’ll have a chance to see if Naraka: Bladepoint can deliver on its big promises next week in an open beta running April 23-26. To get started, simply go to the Steam page and click the button to request access to the Naraka: Bladepoint playtest. The site currently states that applicants will be notified when developers are ready for additional testers. However, 24 Entertainment confirmed that the test will be open to everyone: anyone who clicks the button gets in the door.

Naraka: Bladepoint is expected to be fully released this summer. Please visit narakathegame.com for more information.


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