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Main updates to Charrua Soccer, Towers of Everland, Scorching Lava, Unleash the Mild, and Patterned are actually out there in Apple Arcade – MCM Gaming

Two weeks ago, Apple changed the scope of Apple Arcade with the introduction of new categories for the service as well as the release of anticipated games like Fantasian, Wonderbox, and Clap Hanz Golf from the makers of Sony’s Hot Shot’s Golf games (Everybody’s Golf), a new taiko -Nr Tatsujin game, World of Demons by PlatinumGames, and more. There weren’t any new game releases last week, but Apple has updates to The Last Campfire, Tint. And released Marble Knights. Today, four more Apple Arcade games have received updates alongside Patterned that were updated a few days ago.

A few days ago, Patterned was updated with more than 60 new patterns in the “Around the World” set and more. It was great to see that there have been more and more patterns for so long after the start. The big update for Charrua Soccer, version 6, was released a few hours ago and allows players to take part in the Mother Earth Cup by creating a club and facing enemies to save the earth. Towers of Everland has just received its first update since version 2.0 about half a year ago. The new 3.0 update brings new Renown Plus Towers, Rise of the Equipment, a new player class, craftable weapons, blacksmith equipment, keyboard support for iPadOS 14 and above, and more. Unleash the Light is getting its first update in a while, bringing new randomly generated levels, Connie, new badges, spells, achievements, and more.

Kleis Hot Lava is getting two new members today, the jump-jump ability, better character development and selection, new items, controller remapping and more in its 1.3.0 update coming a few months after the winter update. It looks like we again don’t have a real pattern of what to expect from Apple each week. There are three more games “soon” on the program, including Frenzic: Overtime from the great people at The Iconfactory. Check out our forum threads for Patterned here, Towers of Everland here, Unleash the Light here, Charrua Soccer here, and Hot Lava and visit our dedicated Apple Arcade forum to discuss the service and each game included here. Have you played one of the new games like Clap Hanz Golf, Fantasian and Wonderbox or are you busy with the classics from Apple Arcade?


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