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Greatest Sims four Growth, Recreation, and Packs

What are the best Sims 4 expansions, games, and packs? Every time I sit down to play The Sims, I notice my IRL watch instantly go into fast forward mode and time flies by. It’s so easy to spend hours bossing my Sims around, but there’s only so much you can do in the base game. The most popular Sims 4 mods and Sims 4 cheats will keep you going, but nothing beats fresh DLC.

EA continues to regularly release packs of various sizes for The Sims 4, but if you’re just getting into the game or on a tight budget, scrolling through the game’s store page is overwhelming. To help you decide how to spend your money and time, I’ve listed the best Sims 4 expansions, games, and packs, and explained why they are so fun to get involved with.


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The best Sims 4 expansions


Seasons sound like they could just cover the weather, but there are also plenty of holidays and seasonal activities to empathize with. Fall / Fall is great to attend the healthy harvest festivals, cook up a big feast, and watch pesky Christmas gnomes pop into your house. The Love Day, Winter Festival and New Year’s Eve are spread over the rest of the year to convince us to splash the money on some decorations, open presents and celebrate. There are even surprise holidays like ‘Prank Day’ and smaller hobbies like flower arrangements.

Given that we’re in the fourth episode of The Sims, you’d think Seasons is tied into the base game at this point. Unfortunately, we still have to part with our hard-earned pennies to experience dynamic weather. Definitely worth it to trudge through the snow in puffy coats and see the look on your Sim’s face when they’re scared of thunder.

City life

There is no way I will be able to afford a three bedroom apartment in London, so all I have to do is stick to the City Living extension to simulate what it is like to live a lavish metropolitan lifestyle. There are festivals to visit, neighbors to embarrass yourself in front of in karaoke bars, and not to mention a swanky view of the cityscape right outside your window. This expansion also introduces new careers, including positions in social media, arts, and politics. Remember, you still need a well paying job to make your dreams in the big apple come true.

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Cats & dogs

The name gives it away, and if you are an animal lover this is a must-see. Not only can you create the perfect pooches and kittens, but you can also customize their coats to have green spots or pink boots if that’s your thing. This expansion adds Brindleton Bay to your neighborhood, an area filled with parks that are great for walking your pets. If you want to make petcare your Sim’s priority, you can also pursue a veterinarian career path and build your own clinic, which is a lot easier than the five years it would take you to study in real life.

getting together

Fancy your Sim as a social butterfly? Get Together makes it easier to meet others with similar interests and make friends with people in their age group. No matter what you want to focus on, be it eating, reading, or even DJing, this extension gives you a taste of the wonderful things that can happen when you join a club of like-minded people. While it comes down to hitting bars and fortifying yourself at dance parties, Get Together also features Windenburg, a beautiful suburb that has everything from huge swimming pools to historic ruins.

Discover the university

College life should be your experimentation, and this expansion will keep your Sims busy as they work toward their graduation. Not only does this pack contain some of the best Create-A-Sim items in the game, it’s nice to take a break from managing a household to hang out on campus and immerse yourself in some student gimmicks. There are two universities to choose from, each with a unique culture. Of course, this pack is filled with new careers and skills, including branches in law, education, and engineering.

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Eco lifestyle

We could all do our part to live more sustainably, and Eco Lifestyle does a good job of bringing the topic up in The Sims 4. You can add solar panels and wind turbines to your home, DIY, and become a freelance crafter, voting each week for changes in the topics that matter most to your Sim. This expansion pack extends the off-the-grid functionality and ultimately makes it a more practical form of gameplay. The build / purchase item selection gives us a range of outfits and items to play around with. Who wouldn’t want to decompress with candles and dumpster diving after a long day?

Get to work

Work is probably the last thing you want to think about when you sit down with a cup of coffee for a long Sims session, but I promise this is a fun job. If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own business, you can get your Sims to take all risks and build their art galleries, bakeries, and fashion empires from the safety of your computer chair. You can also follow the career paths of Detective, Doctor, and Scientist who introduce aliens into the game. It’s up to you whether you choose to wipe your alien powers, minds and analyze other Sims, make full use of them or go under the radar as a human.

Game packages

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The best Sims 4 game packs


Parenting expands the horizons of both young Sims and caregivers. On the child’s side, new attributes are introduced that track development, including responsibility or control of emotions. It feels more useful than just watching meters tick up and down. Sims can acquire new traits – good and bad – that affect them later in life.

With the expansion, parenting feels more like a real job than just something passive. Trying to keep a stubborn toddler under control is a challenge, and you need to find the sweet spot between much-needed discipline and negligent parenting. Children and teenagers also have more traits, such as being picky eaters. It’s nowhere near as stressful as being a parent in real life, but it adds a lot of depth that was lacking in the base game.


Supernatural packs aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to explore the occult, Vampires is a great place to immerse yourself. Your vampires have a range of skills: they can unlock doors in other houses and hallucinate their enemies, or step into the minds of other Sims to learn all about their personality traits.

The thirsty undead have weaknesses to spice up our playthroughs as well. Your Sim may hiss uncontrollably during a conversation or – my favorite – feel guilty if they hit someone on the neck without their permission. Speaking of which, vampires don’t have hunger or bladder knives and instead have to top up their vampire energy, which completely changes your daily routine. Supernaturally there are also plenty of creepy candlesticks, coffins and spider webs to outfit your creepy mansion with.

Jungle adventure

This game pack isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s one of our favorites. The best thing about this game pack is that you can vacation in sunny Selvadorada and wander through the beautiful jungle. If you want to discover anything, you need to excavate ancient ruins and artifacts and even hidden temples to poke around. Building / buying items will brighten up your home and there are plenty of plants and masonry to make it look absolutely stunning.


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The best Sims 4 packs

Tiny life

Andy couldn’t stop building tiny houses when this expansion began, and Chris got creative trying to cram everything into his tricky buildings. If City Living’s huge apartments feel a bit disgusting and you are looking for a challenge, this pack will ask you what you really need in your living area. There are pull-out beds and ingenious space-saving items in the Build / Buy menu. The Create-A-Sim additions look super cute and comfy too.

While this is one of the cheaper add-ons, it is exceptional value for money as it messes up the gameplay and feels very different from how many of us normally deal with the Sims. Instead of rescuing our Simoleons to fill our space with pretty trash, it encourages us to equip a cozy home with the essentials.


Whether you are ghost hunting or you want to chat with friendly ghosts, you need this pack to earn your Paranormal Investigator license. Just like Tiny Living, this DLC is surprisingly reasonable for the content it offers. The Ghost Hunter profession we first tried out in The Sims 3 has been revived here, and haunted houses have been added as a new type of lottery. It’s fair to say that conducting seances changes the course of your day, and reuniting with Makin ‘Magic’s Bonehilda is a blast from the past.

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small child

If you loved parenting and want even more ways to make the best of your toddler’s childhood, this is a worthwhile package. It’s full of cute new items, from bright, knee-high fences to jungle gyms and slides. You’ll also unlock the option to host game dates. This is a great excuse to turn your yard into a giant obstacle course. Watch your toddlers run around and use their imaginations to the full, and dress at least one of them in the adorable dungarees and monster shoes.


Now that you’ve installed a playground in your yard, it’s time to turn your attention to the interior design. If you want the full family-oriented experience, this stuff pack is the final piece of the puzzle. The main focus is on adding more furniture and decorations to your spaces. This makes it easier to stick with specific color schemes or themes that you have in mind. The designed rooms also look like they were straight out of Toy Story.


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