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The System Shock Remake is getting a closing demo as we speak forward of its summer season launch

It won’t be long now. When Nightdive’s retro game rescue crew first launched the Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to redesign System Shock, the studio ambitiously thought it could be ready in a year and a half. That didn’t happen, and in early 2018, when the game was far from finished, they took the dramatic step of starting over after getting too far from the original idea of ​​a faithful remake.

After three more years, it’s almost done: pre-orders are available from Thursday, and Larry Kuperman, director of business development at Nightdive, told me the start is not far off. System Shock is slated to be out this summer. A new demo available for everyone to download today is a game that is finally almost there.

The goal of the demo is to present a “feature-complete version of the game,” says CEO Stephen Kick, so that players “understand exactly what they are getting when they pre-order”. Kick took me through the demo we haven’t seen of Nightdives Remake.

“These features include a dismemberment system that you can use to blow up the mutants and cyborgs aboard Citadel Station,” he said. “The lighting is now completely real-time so you can destroy the lights. We wanted to make it as immersive as possible. One of the other really great features that are available for the first time is cyberspace. You can access it.” Cyberspace, fight the various enemies that are out there and unlock doors in the real world that are protected by SHODAN in virtual reality. “

The demo also features new voice acting, more detailed environments, and dynamic music that changes sections of a track instead of looping. It’s more advanced than the original game, and the new soundtrack will definitely have its own vibe as well.

“The original had a dynamic system that would change based on battle or exploration. We got that, we made it from scratch, but the tone of the music has definitely changed,” said Kick. “When you explore, it’s a lot more atmospheric and not as much as a 90s rave.”

But don’t worry – parts of the System Shock remake’s soundtrack can still be danced. Artist Evelyn Mansell pointed out that cyberspace is pretty ravey.

System Shock Remake

Cyberspace in system shock (Photo credit: Nightdive Studio)

When Nightdive restarted its remake in 2018, its goal was to focus again on creating a game that stayed true to the original. That remains the goal, but Mansell stated that balancing enemies and weapons was an important change.

“Certain weapons were given great preference over everything else, and many enemies would kill you incredibly quickly,” said Mansell. “We’re trying to make the fight a little bit more meaningful instead of just trying to crush the enemies as quickly as possible. There’s not much difference in the way you play when it’s set up like that we really do. ” It is worth making sure that the player has a choice in how to approach the game. So we try to make sure that there are opportunities to work in your own style of play and have fun playing the game however they want. “

The demo will be available starting today at 1:00 p.m. EST. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can watch Nightdive stream the game on Alienware from 11:00 a.m. EST. They will also be giving away copies of Nightdive’s System Shock: Enhanced Edition, a version of the original game that works well on modern PCs.

Pre-orders come with an incentive too: if you save $ 45 on Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store, you get Nightdive’s upcoming System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free.


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