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Useless By Daylight goes color-blind after provocative feedback by one in all its designers

Dead by daylight has been a hit with gamers in recent years. We had issues with the Switch port which was rated 6/10 stars but this multiplayer horror game is still great fun with friends. With over 25 million registered players, Behavior Interactive has now announced that a color-blind mode is on its way – although we wish it would arrive in better circumstances.

Accessibility activists have requested this option for years, and this latest incident involves the version 4.5.0 update. It hasn’t gone live yet, but it will make some changes to the HUD that fans have criticized for being hard to read if you’re color blind.

Shortly thereafter, one of Behavior Interactive’s game designers, Ethan “Almo” Larson, was added to the stream and provocative comments were made on the request:

It gets really boring just chatting about color blind mode all the time. We’ve heard it a million times, we know. If you keep pissing us off about it, nothing will change. When it’s done, it gets done when we have time, when we have time to do it, or when someone decides it’s something that should be done. You know. We know a lot of players want it, we know it’s not a small number. We understand

Needless to say, this attitude has been widely criticized. It was commented on by Steven Spohn, COO of Able Gamers and a well-known figure in the accessibility debate, leading to a formal apology from Behavior Interactive. At the same time, they quickly announced that a color-blind mode was in fact being worked on and commented, “While this is not what we would have liked to have announced, we think the time is right.”

A brief explanation of accessibility for color blind people (thread) pic.twitter.com/6a1jfrNfNu– Dead by daylight (@DeadByBHVR) January 21, 2021

In that statement, Behavior Interactive also revealed that it would initially provide support for three different types of color blindness, citing Deuteranop (unable to perceive green light) Tritanop (blue light) and Protanop (red light). A release date for this update has not yet been confirmed unless it is coming soon. We just know that it won’t be part of version 4.5.0.

We’re always excited about new player accessibility options. Between us In particular, support for color-blind gamers was added before Switch launched, and accessory maker Hori introduced an accessibility controller back in November. It’s great to give disabled players more opportunities to participate, but it’s deeply unfortunate that the news had to come through this way.

Are you still playing Dead By Daylight? Are there any other games that you hope will have more accessibility options? Please respectfully let us know below.


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