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Misplaced Simpsons Bug Squad Sega Dreamcast Recreation Found – Retro Gaming Journal

The Simpsons is one of those franchises that is likely to be around forever. In one form or another, the Fox cartoon lives on even after the Disney takeover. Given how wild 2020 was, it’s worth noting that it got a little wilder for fans of the Sega Dreamcast or the Simpsons. A new game, an unreleased demo called Simpsons Bug Squad, was discovered on a developer’s hard drive. The game can be played even wilder.

The Simpsons stand out

While the brand is a hit or miss with licensing, the show is still doing well. This animated feature is a staple on Fox Sunday evenings and shows no signs of stopping. The show approaches the “love / hate” category of people who either love or hate them.

Even when playing, the yellow colored characters can stand out. That choice certainly helped the brand get attention.

If we look back on 2000, we have almost another game in the fictional Springfield universe.

Bug Squad almost saw the Sega Dreamcast release

Kotaku pulled out the relevant parts of the story of how Simpsons Bug Squad came about for those interested.

The main points are that this was a demo that was created in October 2020. It was due to be released on Sega Dreamcast – date unknown. Shoot, until now nobody knew this was an option at all to watch the release. Literally nothing was said about this game in the press. Nobody on the internet knew about it until this forum post on Dreamcast-Talk.

That’s why it’s so interesting.

Based on the published gameplay video, Simpsons Bug Squad looks “strange”. Not very “Simpsons-y” in character you control.

The environments are decidedly based on the hit cartoon show. You can see the game in action over on DreamcasticChannel on YouTube. You can download the GDI copy from the forums.

It’s interesting what they did here with less than 16 megadata.

The demo shows Homer walking through the Simpsons house. Speaking of the house, apparently you can look around the kitchen and living room. That’s not a lot, but it’s still interesting what it shows.

On TV, there’s an itchy and scratchy cartoon playing in the living room. The stove in the kitchen has 3D insides that could lend themselves to objectives or challenges throughout the game.

What other unknown games do you know? Did someone knock your socks off when you discovered them? Let me know in the comments below.

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