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Sport Boy Pac-Man sees two replace patches launched – Retro Gaming Journal

Pac-Man is a venerable franchise. He’s also settled in as many genres as Mario. Nintendo still holds the prize for the platform and kart racing genres. Namco’s Yellow Dot Eater has certainly presented a daunting challenge in almost every other genre. The release of the Nintendo Game Boy in 1990 was a good attempt given the severe limitations of the hardware. That has led fans to create their own patches using more modern hacks and tricks.

A simple game in the heart

Much like many classics that stand the test of time, Pac-Man is a simple game. The premise is simple: move around the maze and eat all of the dots that are dotted around it. To make things a little more challenging, there are some enemies that seem to traverse the maze at random. If these ghosts catch you, you will lose a life. Eat all the pellets in the maze and you will get to the next level.

Do not worry, you are not completely defenseless. “Power Pellets” are available at the corners of the labyrinth. These are severely limited both in their number and in their effectiveness. Each power pellet is not unlimited in use and with each level you advance, its time decreases slightly.

The challenge is that As you advance, the spirits speed up too.

This is the requirement for almost every Pac-Man-related “maze” game. Some scroll because the maze is bigger than the screen. This is the case with this Game Boy version. This hinders the strategy a bit as it is important to always see ghost positions in the maze.

Pac-Man Classic Redux Patch

Pac-Man Game Boy Classic Redux

The first patch I want to discuss is the Pac-Man Classic Redux patch. This one is for the traditional crowd. The aim here is to replicate the original arcade as much as possible on the Nintendo Game Boy.

In comparison, this patch is one of the less “graphically rich”. An attempt is being made to recreate an arcade game from 1980. So what do you expect? For those who want the arcade Pac-Man on the Game Boy, it’s hard to beat this patch.

Pac-Man anniversary Redux

Pac-Man Game Boy Anniversary Redux

This is where the fun really begins, at least for me. While I love seeing ports from the original games, there are few left to look forward to with new hardware. Working with more powerful hardware should result in some additions that are not possible in the original game.

This is exactly what we get in the Anniversary Redux.

Here the graphics have been significantly updated. From Pac-Man to the ghosts, everything is renewed here. It sure is an impressive looking mod. I would bring the graphic style close to that used in Pac-Mania.

Get the patches from the ROMHacking.net website. Unfortunately, I cannot link directly to the ROM file I need.

What do you think? What’s your favorite Pac-Man game so far, official or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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