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Mad Overlord’s Wizardry Proving Grounds is the beginning of a classic franchise that is seemingly lost to history. What used to lead the role-playing game (RPG) genre is now all but forgotten by most gamers. That’s if they even knew. The WonderSwan Color is a Bandai wearable device that never left Japan. Those brave enough to import a Wizardry title know that most have an English option. It’s often buried in the Japanese menus, but it’s there. This translation patch addresses this issue by providing you with a fully translated copy of the game.

Wizardry is a gaming legacy

First introduced to players in 1981, the Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord was unique. Success on the Apple II computer and later platforms has been limited. You need to put together a group of up to six adventurers before starting the story.

There is only one dungeon in Mad Overlord’s Wizardry Proving Grounds. Don’t let that put you off, however, as there are ten levels in this single dungeon. As with Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, which also has a tiered dungeon, you will have your battle here.

Magic is no walk in the park.

The Mad Overlord’s Wizardry Proving Grounds got around

There are innumerable ports for this role-playing game from Sir-Tech Software. From DOS to Commodore 64 to the Nintendo Game Boy, the ability to play was available. In another fan translation patch, this time for the Super Nintendo, the original trilogy of Wizardry titles was translated. This was achieved because Japan received a single cartridge that contained all three original games.

Similar to the fan translation for the SNES trilogy, additional fixes have been made. The English option in the standard game contained many grammatical errors. These and other issues are fixed in this fan translation.

We get the first game on the WonderSwan Color, as there is no trilogy release on a cassette. That’s fine because we’re also seeing a slightly different version of Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. For one thing, this version is portable. Second, there are slight graphical differences between the WonderSwan and Super Nintendo versions. Nothing that would justify a fan skipping one for the other when we talk about the first game.

This is an old school RPG. There is no tutorial, no guide to getting started, or a similar hand. You start a party and get thrown in the middle of the action – the deep end, if you will.

If you’d like a copy of the translation, then Go to ROMHacking.net and grab it. However, I cannot link to the ROM file as it is illegal.

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