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The following D&D ebook goes to Candlekeep for a collection of brief adventures

Do you remember Candlekeep? This is where the tutorial of the original Baldur Gate takes place, a fortress of the monastery library where you run errands, heal a sick cow, and learn to fight before heading off to the Forgotten Realms. When you return you will need to donate a rare book so you can come back in even though you grew up there. These monks are still obsessed with their books, as we’ll see in the next Dungeons & Dragons addition, Candlekeep Mysteries.

It is a collection of 17 short self-contained adventures for level 1-16 characters, each starting with volumes found in Candlekeep that deal with “Mystery”. In addition to the adventures, it includes a poster card from Candlekeep and records of its residents.

I did a number of D&D over the internet last year, mostly short adventures that fit the format of our weekly Zoom calls and Discord hangouts. I managed to find enough pre-written scenarios in the DM’s Guild and D&D Essentials Kit to keep us going and write some of my own, but having more to choose from would be of great help. Candlekeep Mysteries will be released on March 16th.

Here’s an introduction to virtual tabletop software that allows you to play D&D on PC.


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