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Paprium lastly sees publication on Sega Genesis – Retro Gaming Journal

Paprium is a brand new brawler title for the Sega Genesis. Some of you reading this may know it by its former name, Project Y. Most who knew about this game probably gave up seeing it years ago. When you consider that this fighting game took four years to develop, it’s easy to see why. Add this as a crowdfunding project to better understand why many are crazy about this game. With all the water under the bridge, WaterMelon have released their fighting game for the masses. Unfortunately this is only for the toughest hardcore fans. Casual fans don’t need to worry about it.

Paprium calls Sega Genesis home

The Sega Genesis, a console originally released in the late 1980s, continues to receive new games. Paprium isn’t the only new title for this venerable console. It’s one of the few newly released titles that is a brawler. Most developers are pushing for action platform or puzzle games.

Here we have 80 megabytes of memory with 24 levels in the cartridge. There are five playable characters to play around the world, including Shanghai and Tokyo. Please note, however, that Paprium limits you to one or two player modes – there are no three or more player options here.

Price – just one arm and one foot

Seriously, Paprium is not a cheap title. With the “Classic Edition” you get back $ 129. Would you like something even more unique than the Limited Edition, which costs $ 169?

Yes, not for the casual fan or financially challenged.

Sure, the price is lower than new Neo Geo wagons, but significantly higher than most Sega Genesis titles. Even recently released titles cost well under $ 100 per copy.

Your interest may or may not be influenced by this price. I just want to make sure you know what you’re up for before hitting the Paprium website. Please note that you will need a Sega Genesis to play – this is a cassette release, after all.

Do you take a copy of Paprium or do you pass it on? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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