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Mistwalker’s ‘Fantasian’ will get a brand new screenshot forward of the 2021 launch date on Apple Arcade – MCM Gaming

When Apple Arcade was finally revealed, Fantasian was revealed for the service by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker, creator of Final Fantasy. Hironobu Sakaguchi was even featured in the “Meet the Creators” trailer for the service. Fantasian has been in development for three years and is nearing completion, as Mistwalker revealed. Over the years since the game was officially announced, we’ve seen some dioramas the team creates for use in the game with 3D characters and some other graphics. We haven’t seen a full gameplay trailer for Fantasian yet, but with this scheduled for release this year, we should see something soon. Today, Hironobu Sakaguchi just tweeted a new development screenshot of the game. Take a look at the UI while exploring below (next to the development FPS counter in the top left):

I know some people who signed up for the service for Fantasian but canceled the subscriptions for a long time while waiting, despite the fact that many great games have been added since launch. I’ve enjoyed most of the new games in service, but I’m definitely excited to see what Mistwalker brings out with Fantasian this year. Hopefully the target for 2021 will be achieved. Until then, please visit our Fantasian forum thread for further discussion. For more information on Apple Arcade, please visit our dedicated Apple Arcade forum. There you will find information about the service and all of the games contained therein. Have you already played Mistwalker’s games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Terra Battle or The Last Story and what do you expect from Fantasian?


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