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The Eight-bit Tcheco platform in Lucio’s fortress is coming to Android this week

Tcheco im Schloss von Lucio, the idiosyncratic 8-bit platformer from Fantastico Studio, hits the Google Play Store this week. More precisely, it comes tomorrow.

Tcheco in Lucio’s Castle is already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch and is a retro platformer that “encourages quick thinking, platform precision and memorization”. It sounds hard.

There are two game modes: Classic and Try Harder. Both see you meander through 65 increasingly difficult rooms. The trailer shows a certain amount of variety, with jumpy bits, soccery bits, swimmy bits, and even a bit with a jetpack.

The reviews for Tcheco at Lucio’s Castle on Steam are “very positive,” and the reviews elsewhere seem pretty strong at first glance.

Fantastico Studio hasn’t announced the price, but we expect Tcheco and Lucio’s Castle to be a premium release when it shows up tomorrow. Given that it only costs 99 cents on Steam, it probably won’t break the bank on mobile.


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