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PUBG Cell Up to date with Royale Cross 17, Metro Royale content material, rune powers, and extra

Season 17 has arrived in PUBG Mobile in the 1.2 update, which brings some new features to the popular Battle Royale shooter.

Among them are runic powers. To access these, you will need to line up for a special version of the Erangel card that allows you to choose between three different rune energies. As soon as you’ve made up your mind, you will receive a summoning and a boost ability that will give you advantages on the battlefield.

You can loot runic skills all over Erangel as well as the Cheer Park, which is now home to daily runic missions.

Runic skills include Flame, which conjures a wheel of deadly fire, Arctic, which conjures a wall of ice, and Wind, which creates a windbreak and increases movement speed.

On top of all that Runey goodness, a new chapter in Metro Royale: Honor has arrived that allows you to gain honor by killing people and collecting things.

Season 17 features updated Royale Pass missions, activity packs, new cosmetics, and a new twist on the EvoGround mode, coming on February 5th.

You can now download PUBG Mobile for free from the Google Play Store.


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