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Name of Obligation: The Warzone streamer wins the gulag whereas taking part in a recorder

Since there is never a shortage of new ways to perform ridiculous in video games, a Call of Duty: Warzone streamer managed to win a gulag match with nothing but a recorder. The achievement belongs to DeanoBeano, who after 90 minutes of total failure finally defeated the Gulag.

The fact that it made it in the first place is extremely amazing, especially because the setup seems pretty straightforward. It seems as if Deano is running a program in the background that maps certain notes to inputs in the game. From there he plays different notes on the recorder to penalize the camera, the ADS and the recording. The song is played in quick succession and sounds like the hectic playback of an old black and white comedy. Judging by Deano’s abilities with this insane input method and some previous streams playing Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War the same way, the practice is finally paying off.

In fact, he got some pretty impressive recorder kills during the Cold War. Check out this Nuketown snipe:

I put the recorder down years ago after I was forced to play it in elementary school, but maybe I should have stuck to it so I could do crazy things like this too. If you’re more of a drummer, Deano also plays Cold War with a pair of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Bongos, which seems simpler and impossible at the same time.

Watching Deano’s clips makes me nervous for the people on the other end of his scope watching the killcam. The stuttering camera movements definitely give the first impression that a bot is playing or that some kind of scam software is involved. If only they knew it was just a streamer pushing the boundaries of musical instruments in video games.

In other Call of Duty news, Warzone is finally getting Nvidia DLSS support, which should be a welcome boost in performance for those with an RTX card.


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