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‘Dragon Quest Tact’ lastly has a confirmed launch date for the West with pre-orders now accessible on the App Retailer – MCM Gaming

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Tact () tactical RPG was released for Japan some time ago and has recently been confirmed for international release on iOS and Android. Dragon Quest Tact is a free tactical role-playing game based on the Dragon Quest series for mobile platforms that features turn-based combat and encounters with enemies from the series on a grid-based map. After first being released in Japan with over 10 million downloads, Dragon Quest Tact will be released for free in the West later this month. Pre-orders and pre-registrations are now possible live. As with many new free games, Dragon Quest Tact includes a paid subscription option. This is known as a passport and includes combat speed increases, an additional +1 to EXP quest and gold quest attempts, and much more. Watch the Dragon Quest Tact trailer in English:

Square Enix just announced that Dragon Quest Tact will launch internationally for free on January 27th for iOS and Android. If you’d like to try it out, you can pre-order Dragon Quest Tact here on the App Store for iOS and pre-register here on Google Play for Android. The in-app purchases include various gem packages in addition to the Passport subscription option. If you are interested in the original Japanese version, you can download Dragon Quest Tact here from the App Store for iOS and here from Google Play for Android. Did you play the Japanese release for Dragon Quest Tact or have you been waiting for the international release for this month?


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