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Distinctive FMV interactive thriller ‘Erica’ making its means from PlayStation four to iOS this week – MCM Gaming

London-based developer Flavourworks, which was originally released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive product in August 2019, has announced via Twitter that its interactive full-motion video thriller Erica will hit iOS in some form next Friday. Full motion video games, or FMV games, have made a big comeback in recent years, and in the case of Erica, the unique mechanics that set them apart from similar games was what Flavourworks called “touch video” technology and special Sequences Included In The Game, where you could interact directly with and control a full motion video sequence. On the PS4 this was assigned to the inputs of the controller. However, you can also download the Erica Companion app on your mobile device and interact with those specific scenes directly.You can see these specific sequences as well as the general mood of Erica in the game’s original trailer below, followed by a short but very interesting video behind the backdrops, detailing how they created the game world and unique touch interactions.

Given this particular attention to virtually touching so many parts of the game world in Erica, and given that you can already do so on the PS4 through your iOS or Android device, it makes perfect sense for the game to find its way itself finds cell phone, mobile phone. However, Flavourworks is a bit vague in the wording of their tweet, saying they “worked hard to create an incredible touchscreen experience for iOS”. It’s unclear whether they intend to release the full game on iOS or something else along the lines of a standalone spin-off experience, but whatever the case, I’m keen to try it out, and whatever the form Whenever Erica needs Flavourworks on iOS, Flavourworks says we can try it out for free this Friday.


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