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Clockwork Knight 2 continues Toy Battles on Sega Saturn – Jan 2, 1996 – In the present day in Video Sport Historical past – Retro Gaming Journal

Clockwork Knight 2 is a great example of the evolution of 2D side scrolling action games. This genre reigned supreme on 16-bit consoles and was criminally ignored in subsequent generations. Sega tried at least early on to cover these bases on their Saturn console before abandoning them himself. This could be part of the problem Sega had with the Saturn platform in general.

More of the same

Clockwork Knight 2 will be recorded immediately after the events of the first game. This resulted in some magazines failing to make claims about these two titles at the time. These claims have not exactly been proven false by decisions taken by Sega. For one, you can unlock a boss rush mode that includes all of the bosses from the first game. Please note that it appears that this mode is only available in certain copies of the game. If you have one, it could be a collectible right now.

Both games offer the same number of levels and share items between the two games. Again the idea that Sega simply split a game into two releases.

It makes sense that things don’t change too much between games considering the timing. It’s not like years have passed between the two adventures. Literally minutes have passed between the two games. What can change so quickly in the nursery?

I understand the concern, however. It feels like a rush or even some kind of remix. Nothing like a real sequel, but not half a game either.

Clockwork Knight 2 continues the adventure

Chelsea, this Princess Peach / Toadstool game, is kidnapped shortly after CK2 is fired. This will determine the events that you will have to endure in Clockwork Knight 2.

As in the first game, prepare for four additional rooms, each with two levels. You will also encounter many of the same enemies as in the previous adventure.

However, Sega added a few things to Clockwork Knight 2. Four playing cards are now distributed in each level. Turn everyone to get the gold key. Collect all the gold keys and you can earn a secret code.

Fans of endless scrolling auto-scrolling games on mobile will love this next addition. There are auto-scrolling levels in which Pepper sits on the back of his steed Barabaro.

There are now hidden places that have a special race going on. Win this to get a gold key.

Finally, there is the boss rush mode. As mentioned earlier, your copy of the game may not have this as it was only in a few. Don’t know why – maybe they used more than one production line to make the CDs?

Continuation of the tradition simply wrong characters

As good as Clockwork Knight 2 and its predecessor are to play properly, Sega got them wrong. What I mean is if Sega had started a Sonic the Hedgehog game or two with this engine, then maybe, just maybe, the Saturn could have done better.

Imagine fighting Dr. Eggman in situations like the Clockwork Knight games? I can only imagine the ingenuity that would have been used now that the doctor had depth to work with.

Sega would not correct this later either. The Sonic games we got were just direct ports with minor improvements from Sega Genesis. Not what fans expected when they saw a Sega console on store shelves.

While Clockwork Knight 1 and 2 were fun and interesting, they just weren’t what fans wanted. Had Sega given fans a great Sonic game, I’d be willing to say that games like this may have done better too.

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