Overwatch: Genji Deflections

With the prophesied becoming inevitable, and Blizzards new 1st person multiplayer shooter ‘Overwatch’ being such a giant international success, the dust has finally starting to settle, and with that, people are finally starting to work out that Genji is an absolute demi-god.

In this guide we shall look at one of Genji’ secondary powers ‘Deflect’ and which Ultimate’s it can counter.


For the sake of efficiency, this guide will be broke down into Offensive, Defensive and Tank of all the projectile ultimate’s Genji can counter. As Supports have no assaulting Ultimate’s, they haven’t been included in the list below.



McCrees ultimate Deadeye, is a mass targeting instakill. Which sucks if you’re not McCree as his Ultimate comes of age. That’s unless you’re Genji of course, and with a perfectly timed deflect, Mr McCree all of a sudden has a taste of his own medicine. It’s also possible to deflect McCree’s harmless 2 second stunning secondary attack, flash-bang.


Tracers Pulse bomb can be deflected however it will need to be well timed. This Ultimate has her throwing a bomb which sticks to surfaces and explodes after a brief delay. There is a window to deflect her bomb when she throw it at you which will turn it hostile to Tracer.


Pharrah’s Ultimate Barrage combined with her power of flight, rains down chaos and destruction upon any of her enemies. This obviously can be deflected by Genji along with her secondary attack, Concussive Blast.


Reapers Ult is an AoE attack launching havoc in a 360 degrees radius. Genji can deflect this attack but only bullets coming right at him however wont be able to penetrate him as he turns into smoke during the raid.

Soldier 76

Soldiers 76′ Tactical Visor is preferred due to the time of use. It will last longer than your deflect and as all shots are direct hits, it wont be fun taking him on during this spell. The strategy to deflect this is to approach him on a straight, with the use of a swift strike to finish him off.



Junkrat is my favorite hero so maybe I am a little biased, however it’s fair to say it’s impossible to counter his ultimate Riptire. However if you have the skill you can deflect his secondary attack – Concussion Mine.


When Bastion uses his ult Beast Mode Tank Mode configuration, Genji can deflect the blasts of the heavy artillery. The negative to this is that the Tank has a slow attack speed, so the deflect power will run out before he takes another crack at you. It’s also worth noting that the deflection of one round countered perfectly wont kill Bastion due to its increase armor.


Mei’s ultimate can be countered in a similar way to how you would counter Tracers. In that as deflect is to be triggered as soon as her projectile is launched. If the connect is efficient you can slow Mei down immensely, making her an easy kill.


Blizzard lied to us? One of most peoples favourite cinematic trailer created for Overwatch in the months lining up to the release, ‘Dragon’ leads us to believe you can deflect Hanzos Ultimate. Amirite?

While you can’t deflect the dragon using your power or even the element of surprise, you can deflect the arrow he shoots before it turns into said dragons. Which I’ve tried and it is a bit of a death star attempt of heroism as it happens very very fast. But it is possible. Don’t give up on your dreams kids. Even if they’re not handed to you on a plate.


As a forenote, it’s important to note that it’s borderline impossible to kill a tank with any deflections from their Ultimates or secondary attacks.


Reinhardt is at least 20-30 stone right? Physics wont play a part in Genji countering Reinhardts shattering ultimate Earth Shatter, however it is worth noting that you can deflect his secondary attack, Fire Strike.


Whole Hog is the name of Road Hogs ult and with a chain gun of carnage it’s a spray of bullets that aren’t fun to stand in front of. They can be deflected however, but it’s probably best if you use it if your backs against the wall. Other than that, it’ll be worth looking for a new strategy. Genji can however deflect his secondary attack, Chain Hook.


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