How to play as Jinpachi on Tekken 5 (and the Command List Dummy)

Jinpachi – the father of long-time antagonist Heihachi Mishima – is the final boss on Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, as well as featuring on the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

You can’t unlock Jinpachi as a playable character on the original Tekken 5, but there is still a way to play as him, as evidenced on my old video here:

While you can’t unlock him, you can actually use cheat codes to modify which character the game loads. It works like this: usually, you’d pick a character and the game would load that character for the following fight.

But when a character modifier code is enabled, any character you pick will be overwritten by the character that the code is telling the game to load. Therefore, you can tell the game to load any character – even the Command List Dummy!

So, all you need to accomplish this is a cheat disc – this allows you to modify the game’s code. I use Action Replay Max, while you can also use Codebreaker or Gameshark too – but these last two are only available in North America, not in Europe.

You can buy the Action Replay Max from Amazon here; the Codebreaker is here, and you can pick up a Gameshark here.

I’m going to use AR Max as an example here, which is the cheat disc I’d recommend using.

If you have a newer cheat disc (post 2004 – which is when Tekken 5 was originally released), then the codes for Tekken 5 may already be on the disc. However, if they’re not on there already, you can add the codes manually.

You’re able to go through various websites such as or to find the codes you need. Although AR Max’s official website has its own database, which is handy.

I’ll be using the PAL codes for AR Max here, but you can also find the NTSC version of the codes on their website, too. (PAL = European; NTSC = North American – both regions have separate codes.)

Here’s the PAL character modifier code for Jinpachi, for the European version of Tekken 5:

Jinpachi (Demon 1)

Simply add that to the list of codes on your AR Max, activate the code, then start the game. The on-screen instructions should guide you through the process, but here’s a tutorial just in case:

On a final note, Jinpachi is actually unlockable on Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, but his moveset is watered down – he’s not nearly as powerful as he was on the original Tekken 5. The Command List Dummy remains unplayable, too.

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