Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough

One of the great things about the Hitman series of games is how many different ways you can complete missions. This guide will only give you one particular way in case you are stuck on what to do, but will allow you to figure out the other ways that they can be finished. There are plenty of ways for each mission and there is no right or wrong way as long as you don’t get caught.

Death of a Showman

Once the opening scene is over, make your way across the pier and hop up to the road. Since this is a training level, just about everything is told you what to do, so following the onscreen instructions is your best bet. Follow the road past the car and head to the iron gate. Wait there and a guard will show up. Talk to him and then step through and enter the door to the left. Creep through the Gift Shop here and look to see the two guards outside the window. Equip your coin and toss it through the open window. When the guards go after it, head through the door they were at and continue forward to the next door that leads to the theatre. Once you are inside, sneak up on the guard that is torturing the man there and use your firer wire on him to take him down. Once he is dead, grab the pistol and make your way to the right and climb the red trellis.

Hop over the railing to jump to the other side and make your way to the next room. Pick the lock and then step back. Equip the pistol and pop the two guards that come through the door. Drag their bodies over to each of the storage bins and drop them in there. Next, hide in the closet and a chemist will enter the room. Hop out and take him down with your fiber wire. Take his clothes and the key card and head out of the room and make a left to the Atrium. Use the key card to open the door and follow the walk way along until you come to an open room on the left. Grab the pistol and then place it in the green tray. Pick it up and continue back along the walkway until you come to a guard. He will frisk you and then let you enter the next door to the control room. Drop the tray after you close the door and grab your gun. Hop on top of the elevator and equip the fiber wire to strangle the guard below.

Once he is dead, drop down and exit the vator. Head to the end of the hall and smash the electrical box to shut off the lights. Continue through the room until you reach the washroom at the far end. Enter it and equip the pistol and grab the guard taking a leak. Use him as a shield as you go into the next room and clear it out of enemies. There will be more than a few enemies, so make sure your shots hit their targets. Once everyone is dead, climb the ladder there and grab the sniper rifle case. After the scene, use the sniper scope to find the three guards outside and pop them all through the open window. Once they are dead, drop the rifle and head through the door beside the room you are in. Go to the left and climb down the drainpipe and then head to the far end and enter the office door. Grab the syringe from the case and head up the stairs. Wait for the secretary to finish her conversation and then the guard will go back to the window. Sneak up on him and push him over and then enter the secretary’s office.

Use the syringe on her drink and then quickly hide in the closet. Wait for her to come back and drink it and she will die. You looked up her dress didn’t you? Shame on you. Enter the swing King’s office and pull out the picture to show him. Once you do, pop him and then hop out the window. Make a left and grab the bombs there along with the detonator and enter the next window. Place a bomb on the winch and look below to see the guards. Blow the bomb using the detonator and you should have nailed most of the guards if not all. If not, head down the stairs and finish them off. Once the room is clear, head through the exit to complete the mission.

A Vintage Year

Objectives: Kill Don Fernando Delgado, Kill Manuel Delgado, Escape Vineyard
Not one of my favorite missions, but first things first however. As you enter the mission, make your way to the right and look on the map to see where the guard there is. He should just be walking around the corner, so run up behind him and take him down. Drag his body into the bushes and take his uniform. Now you can walk around the village pretty much unnoticed. Head for the main gate where you started and go through the gate. Continue to the building directly across from you and enter the door there. There will be a guard directly in front of you that you can push over the ledge, just make sure there is no one around. Once he is dead, place a bomb on the winch to the right of where he was and head down the stairs. Stand at the bottom or near the bottom and wait there for Manuel Delgado to enter the small area beside the stairs.

When he does, detonate the bomb and the barrels will crush him. Continue down the stairs and make a left and enter the door on the right. Follow the hallway around until you come to the room with large casks in the wall. Go to the center one and open it to reveal a secret door. Head through it and enter the small room directly ahead with the lockers and bed. There will be a worker uniform there to take. Put it on when no one is looking and then make a left out of the room. Continue through the lab and eventually past the elevator to a hallway leading right and a door there. Open the door and there will be a VIP guard there. Fiber wire him and take his uniform. Head up the stairs and continue through the door ahead of you and keep going straight until you come outside. Once you are outside, make a right and go around the corner of the house and pass the front. Continue to the far side of the house and make another right around the corner there. In the corner, there will be a drain pipe for you to climb.

Do so when no one is looking and climb off to the left. Make your way around the roof and enter the open window there. When you are inside, Fernando will come into the room on the left. Wait for him to enter and he will sit in his chair to play music. When he does, sneak up on him and kill him. You can then toss his body over the railing and grab his gun. Head back to the window you climbed through and make a right when you are outside. Drop off the roof and walk behind the building across the wooden platforms. Follow the path all the way down and there will be a worker there looking at Fernando’s body. You can either take him out and take his uniform or ignore him and walk through the hanger and make your way to the plane and escape the mission.
Curtains Down

Objectives: Kill Alvaro D’Alvade, Kill Richard Delahunt, Escape Opera
As soon as the mission starts, head inside the opera and make a left to talk to the receptionist behind the counter. Once you do and get the gun, enter the washroom that is located to the right of the coat check. Wait in there for a repairman to enter and take him out. Take his clothes and dump the body into the bin there. Once you are changed, head back out and head for the door to the left of the coat check. Head down the stairs and go through the large set of doors there. Continue to the far end of the room and then toggle the light switch so that you can pick the lock on the door.
Go through and continue down another set of stairs. Run forward through this long room and go through the door on the right half way through. Follow the stairs up and you will come out to a hallway with a few cops. Make a left and head around the corner. Enter the second door on the left and hide in the closet inside. Wait for Alvaro’s acting partner to enter his room (this can take quite a while) and he will do a little showing off. Once he leaves, exit the closest and replace the gun on the desk. Jump back in the closet and wait for him to come and go again. Once he is gone, exit the room and head for the double doors across the hall and to the left. Enter them and make your way up the ramps to the left. Head all the way to the top and you will be above the stage.

Walk to the left side and there will be a place to plant a bomb near the center of the railing. Plant the bomb and then go through the door there. Head to the far side and climb down the ladder and drop down the hole. From here you can see the stage and watch the action. Once Alvaro is killed, Delahunt will run down to the stage. Once he does, use the detonator and the lighting will come crashing down on top of him, killing him. Once they are both dead, climb back up the ladders and make your way back down the ramps. Now all you need to do is make your way back to the washroom at the coat check calmly and grab your suit. Once you are back in black, head out the front door to end the mission.


Objectives: Find Agent, Identify Target, Smuggle Out Agent, Escape
This mission is a bit of a long one so lets get to it. As the mission starts, run up the path to the right and then to the left. There will be a man smoking there with some admission papers behind him. Crouch down and grab them when he is turned and then head for the front door of the clinic. Talk to the receptionist and she will tell you to step into the change room. Do so and then head back out the front door. If you want to enter the clinic from here, the guard will search you and take your gun. Once outside, head to the far right and there will be a drain pipe there to climb. Hop on it and climb to the top and go to the balcony on the left. There will be a nurse there smoking so make sure she doesn’t see you. Enter the building and make your way all the way to the far end and go down the stairs to the left.

Head west and there will be a man standing beside a door to your right in the next hallway. Open the door and go down the stairs and enter the hallway there. Make a right at the first corner and enter the room there. Turn off the light and wait for an orderly to show up. When he does, fiber him and take his card and clothes. Check the map for others near by and then dump his body in the bin outside the doorway. Head back out to the hall and make your way to the far end, head up the stairs and there will be a door directly across from you. Go through it and you will be in the cell area. Head down the ramp and look for the cell that has the red headed inmate. Open the door and have a chat with him. After it is done, sedate him and then make your way back out. Now you will be told to off all three of the mobsters in the building and it is your choice if you want to or not.

Head back to where you left your robe and slippers and change back into them. Head back up the stairs and now you need to off the three guards. For starters go to where the globe is that opens and go up the set of stairs across from it. When you go up them, there will be a room there that over looks the room below. Set a bomb on the chain and wait for the mobster to go get a drink. When he does, blow it up and kill him. When you do this, guards will come running and leave another door unguarded. Walk calmly out of the room and down the hall until you come to a door marked with a D. Enter the room there and sabotage the gas stove. Make your way back out and make your way to the stairs and head down. Make your way towards the entrance, heading east and before you get there, you will notice and outdoor weight area on the right.

Head out there and the last mobster will either be lifting weights or will be soon. If he is, make sure the coast is clear and then stand behind him to drop the weight on him. It may take some fidgeting to get the option to appear but turn the camera around a bit and it will show. Once you squash him, head out of the area and make a B line for the reception area. Enter the changing room and grab your suit and head back out of the building, down to where you entered. To the left will be a small building with a cop standing guard. Wait till he walks away and then enter. Walk up to the agent and check the map to make sure no one is coming in. When all is clear, revive the agent and head for the exit to the left of the room to complete the mission.

A New Life

Objectives: Kill Vinnie Sinistra, Retrieve Microfilm, Escape
As the missions starts, head down the street and around the corner and to the catering truck waiting out front. Head to the open back doors and grab a box of donuts. Run back around the corner and pull out the syringe to poison them. Pick them back up and run over to the surveillance van across from it. Open the back doors and the guards will come out. Drop the donuts and walk back around the corner. The guards will pick up the donuts and take them inside. After they eat them and die, you can enter the truck. When you are in the truck, change to the FBI uniform and take the video tape. Head out and make sure you close the doors. Head to the house and make your way up the left side to the locked door. You can either pick the lock or just wait for another guard to come through and walk in. Now make your way to the back yard where the pool is and head for the little shack in the corner.

Pick the lock to open it and wait in there for the pool boy to come in. When he does, take him out and take his clothes. Head back to the pool and talk to the wife and she will slowly stagger back to her room with you. When you FINALLY reach it, drop her and take her necklace. Drag her body into the bathroom and head back out to the back yard. Go to the pool shed and get your FBI uniform back on. Head back into the house and find Sinistra on the map and follow him. Keep on his tail until him and his one guard go to the TV room to watch the football game. When they sit down, head out the double doors and make a right to get outside. Make another right and break the electrical box there to cut the power to the television. When you do, the guard with Sinistra will get up and come to check it. Head back inside and make a right to find Vinnie sitting there all by his lonesome. Use the fiber wire on him and head back outside. Now that you have completed the objectives, head back to the van to get your suit and then hop on over to where you started and exit the mission.

The Murder of Crows

Objectives:, Kill Mark Purayah, Kill Raymond Kulinsky, Kill Angelina Mason, Protect the Politician Escape
As the mission starts, follow the red crow out to the street. Keep a close tab on him and he will eventually take a turn down an alley. Get behind him and give him the fiber wire and then take his clothes. Dump his body in the bin there and grab the diamond case. Once you are set, take a look at the map and head for the group of enemies to the top left. Walk down the alley there and you will see some yellow birds walking around. Enter the door on the far left, where the television is and go up the stairs. Enter the room at the far end and Mark Purayah will be there. Place the case on the desk and wait until the yellow bird leaves the room. Once he does, wire Mark from behind and drag his body over to the bin beside the closet. Dump him and grab the walkie talkie off the ground.

Hide in the closet and wait for the yellow bird to come back in the room and to leave again. Once he does, grab the case off the desk and go to the balcony and toss it over the edge. Use the left analog stick the same as you would when tossing a coin. Once it is down on the street, run back out of the room and run down to pick it up before a yellow bird does. If a bird does, wait until he drops it near the stairs an then grab it and run out without letting any of them see you with it. Next stop will be the alley to the far west of the map near the center. Your next target will be Angelina, but she takes a huge stroll around the town and stops at each alley along the way. You can try to take her down in any of them, but there are usually people around to catch you in the act.

Your best bet is to head to the alley at the far west where the ! marks are and climb up the fenced box to the right of the alley when you enter. Follow the walkway around until you get to the other side and place a bomb on the winch there. Make your way back down and wait for Angelina to arrive to blow it to send the piano crashing down on her. You will know she is on her way when she says that she is headed back to the Music alley. When you hear that, watch the map to see her arrival and let her have it when she is under the piano. Next stop is that Latino club to get the last target. Head to the alley beside it and there will be a waiter that comes and goes in here. Wire him and drop the body in the dumpster after getting his clothes. Enter the back door to the club and hike up the stairs on the left. Follow them around to a hallway and enter the room there. Raymond will be in here, so you can either wire him or wait till he goes on the balcony and push him. Either way, once he is dead, head back out to the hallway and rush down to the alley again and get your bird suit back on. Now calmly walk to the exit and complete the mission.

You Better Watch Out

Objectives: Kill Lorne De Havilland, Kill Chad Bingham Jr., Retrieve Video Tape, Escape the Estate
Grab the silent Silver balers for this one. As the mission starts, head across the pier and make a left. Call for the elevator and ride up to the party floor. Make a left as you step out and enter the black doors there. Continue to the left and to the end of the hallway and enter the door marked Staff Only. Go through the next door on the left and you will enter the kitchen. If you got there fast enough there will be a drunk santa in the room at the far end to the left. Take him out and take his clothes. If you are caught in the kitchen by guard, you will get tossed out so try and do it quick. Wait for Santa to enter the kitchen and then wire him and drop his body in the bin.

Grab the suit off him and the sausage on the floor next to the garbage bin. Use the poison on the sausage, you’ll need it later on. Now make your way back out and back down to the pier where you started. Head around the walkway to the security office and the red light beams that are blocking the hallway. Walk through go to the elevator and the guard will run after you. Since you are in disguise, he won’t do anything. Take the elevator to the staff floor and enter the door on the right. Kill the guard there sitting and take his uniform. Run out and go through the glass doors at the end of the hall. Above you will be a blue circle which is the bottom of the hot tub.

Use the silenced balers to shoo the bottom and the people will fall out. Quickly hop over the railing ahead of you and shimmy along the wall to the next door there. Enter and make your way up the stairs to the door at the top. Make a left down the hallway and there will be a black haired girl in the hallway. Follow her into her room and a scene will play. Step away from her and knock her out how ever you like. If you don’t she will kill you. Exit the room and make a right to the double doors at the end. Go through the wood hallway and make a left and then a right to enter the grotto area. Follow the room forward until you come to a door blocked by two guards.

Ride the elevator up to the studio floor and step off the vator. Wait in this hallway for Lorne and his dog to walk by and then follow them to his room. When he gets to his room, he will walk out to the balcony for a smoke. Drop the sausage on the ground and his dog will come over and eat it. Walk up behind Lorne and give him a shove to kill him off. Once he’s dead, exit the room and make a right to the computer room at the far end. There will be a video tape on the table as well as some guards in here. When they are turned, grab the tape and head back down to the boat to escape and complete the mission.

Death on the Mississippi

Objectives: Kill Skip Muldoon, Kill the Gator Gang 6, Retrieve Pictures, Escape Via Rescue Boat
This mission can be quite a long one since there are a lot of targets. From the get go, you are going to need to get yourself a sailor uniform. Head up the left side of the boat and there will be a sailor that will come through the door there. You can either go up and push him over the railing or break the fuse box and have him run down to check it. I got nailed breaking it 9/10 times though. If you do, get it, you can enter the bridge room and poison the bottle next to the table. Hop in a closet and wait for the sailor to enter and take a drink. When he does, grab his clothes and the key and head out of the room, aand down the stairs. Enter the engine room under the walkway and head tot eh far end where a gator will be walking around. Wait for him to lean over the railing at the machinery and give him a push.
When he’s dead, head through the door at the end and make a left. Head up the stairs and make another left down the hallway.

Make a right down the hallway and enter the first door on the right. Grab the waiter uniform and make your way to the far end of the hall and make a right to find a staircase. Follow it up to the third floor and go down the hall making the first right. Follow the gator and the girl there into their room and duck into the closet quickly. Wait for the woman to leave and then wire the gator. Head back out and make your way North to the doors at the very end. Go through and head up the stairs to reach the fourth deck. Run south all the way through two sets of doors and head up to the next floor. Walk through the dining area and when you hear someone yell waiter, walk over to them and he will give you a key card for his room. Head back down a floor and enter his room.

Grab the VIP pass and suit and make a right towards the VIP area at the top of the stairs. Continue through the door and make a quick left to go through another door until you come to a long hallway and enter the door on the right marked Staff Only. Quickly jump in the closet and wait for the guards to leave if they saw you. Grab the 1st class purser uniform and head back out to the hallway. Make a right and enter the first door and you will be in a kitchen. Walk up to the cake and poison it and then pick it up. Carry it out the door to the left and follow the walkway around to the stairs.

Go up and you can either go to the left or through the door. If you go through the door, you’ll have to surrender your weapons and then get them back after. Go left and wait for the guard there to leave and then pick the lock to the door. Enter the bedroom and then the next room and place the cake on the table. Wait for skip to eat it and then drag him into the bathroom or the bedroom. If a gator walks in, take him down as well. Now for the remaining few, you can just off them one by one. Luring them to deck rails with the coin works fine and then just give them a shove. Once they are all dead, make your way to the south end of the ship and use the rescue boat to escape.

Till Death Do Us Part

Objectives: Kill the Groom, Kill the Brides Father, Ensure the Brides Safety, Escape
This is one of the easiest missions so far and can be pulled off quietly and quickly in no time. When the mission starts, walk down the pier and walk between the two buildings to enter a large field. Make a left and walk up the walkway there to find a guest passed out against the wall. Take his clothes and invitation and head towards the main door of the house. Enter the house and enter the second door on the right. Use the poison on the cake and make your way back out of the kitchen. Head across the hallway to the door there and enter when no one is looking.

Climb through the window to the back yard and you can either wire the guard sitting there, or sneak behind him, enter the door on the left and wire the guard in the hallway to the right when he walks away. Dump his body in the closet and make your way back out to the backyard. Walk over to the building with the restricted sign and follow the walkway forward and to the left. The brides father should be just ahead of you with a basket. Follow him to an open grave and then give him a shove when he is standing beside it. Once he is in there and dead, you can simply run back to the beginning of the mission to escape.

House of Cards

Objectives: Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa, Kill the Scientist, Kill Hendrik Schmutz, Escape, Steal Diamonds
Another straight up mission that you can be in and out in no time as long as you take the sniper rifle along with you. From the start of the mission, enter the hotel and you’re your way to the receptionist on the far right. Talk to her and she will give you your room key for the 7th floor. Head up the stairs to the elevator on the left and enter it when it arrives. Climb the hatch and then hang out there for a while until the scientist gets on. Equip the fiber wire and then strangle him as the doors close. Grab his case and card and then hop down. Take the elevator back down to the lobby and jump on the right elevator. When the doors close, hop up the hatch and again, hang out here for the next target to enter. When he does, and the doors close, repeat the strangling and pull him up. Grab his keycard and hop down when the doors are closed.

Now take the lift to the 8th floor and step out into the hallway. Call the left elevator and hop on to go and retrieve your rifle case. Once you have it, head back out to the hall way on the 8th floor and follow the hallway west to room 803. There will be two guards at the door, so you will need a distraction to get passed them. Head down the hallway a bit to a fire alarm. Pull it and then run away. When the guards run from the door to the vator, go to the scientist’s room and use the keycard on it. Enter the room and swing around to the left. Enter the back room and use the cell phone there to call the sheik. Once the scene plays, call him again and then go outside to the balcony. Load up the sniper rifle and look down towards your left. There will be a large open area with a red exit sign in the far left corner above a set of double doors.

Wait and watch as the sheik will eventually come out. As soon as he does, pop him in the head and run to the right of the balcony. Jump to the next balcony across from you and head through the room there. Sometimes there is a man there and sometimes there isn’t. if he is there, try sneaking past or sedating him. Make your way back out into the hall and head for the elevator on the left. Hop on and close the doors. Climb the hatch to get your payment case and hop back down. To escape, head down the stairs and enter the casino. Make a left as you enter and follow the red exit sign. Continue down the hallway until you come to a back alley and a car. Zoom, off you go.

A Dance with the Devil

Objectives: Kill Anthony Martinez, Kill Vaana Ketlyn, Retrieve Info, Escape
Not such a fan of this mission but it does have some nice eye candy once you get into the heaven party. As the mission starts, enter the building and talk to the front guard. Follow him back to his office and take him out. Snag his uniform and make your way back out. Follow the lobby through to the far side and take the stairs down. Go through the doors there and you will come out to the parking garage. Make a right up the ramp there and enter the small security office. Grab the video tape when neither are looking and head back out and down the ramp. Make a right past the elevators and a left down the ramp to come to a white truck. Walk to the open doors on it and when the guard patrolling isn’t around, change into the heaven uniform. Make your way back to the elevator and get on the far right one. Talk to the guard and he will take your weapons before you go up. Ride the elevator up and step off when you reach the heaven party. Follow the party room forward and make your way through the door on the right.

Follow the room to the left here and go through the next door which will take you to a hallway. Enter the first door on right and you will enter a washroom. Wait in here for the CIA agent to enter. He will be wearing a gold devil suit and mask. When he enters, enter the stall with him and make sure you close the door behind you. Wire him and take his clothes and his rifle case and desert eagle. Head back out to the hallway and make a left to the large room with the stairs. Head to the far end and go through the door there with a guard. Continue through the end of the hall and make a right. Enter the first door on the left and use the lap top there. When you do, you will be given two more targets to kill. Hang out in the room and eve will enter eventually. When she does, either wire her or open fire with the rifle you stole from the CIA agent. Try not to let her hit you since she does some pretty hefty damage. Once she is dead, head back out to the elevator and ride it down.

When it is moving, hop up into the hatch and wait for the vator to stop. Make your way to the right and you will be able to jump across to the next elevator. Drop down the hatch and ride it down to the hell party in the basement. Follow the hallway forward and talk to the red faced bartender. He will tell you that you are to have a duel with him and he will meet you in the torture chamber. Ignore him for now and look on the map to see where Vaana is. She will most likely be on the balcony over looking the dance floor. Go and wait for her outside the door where she is and wait for her to come to you. She will talk to you and tell you to follow her. Do so and when you enter the room she takes you to, wire her from behind. Now you can make your way to the torture chamber and your duel.

If you don’t have any weapons left, you are given a table full of choices to grab before the battle starts. Grab what you need and use the shelves for cover. Get the target to waste his ammo and take pot shots at him. When he is out of ammo, open fire at him with everything you have to drop him. Once he is dead, the lights will come on and you will need to get the storage key from his body. Make your way out of the torture chamber and back to the elevator. Ride it back up to the garage and look for the exit on the map. It will be blue van, across from the elevator and to the left. Hop in and make your escape.

Amendment XXV

Objectives: Kill Mark Parchezzi III, Kill Vice President, Escape
Woot! Breaking in to the white house. Where’s Jack Thompson to crap all over it? For this mission, grab your silver ballers and walk behind the bus at the start of the mission. Wait for the woman there to drop her case and go for a smoke. When she does, place your ballers in it and walk to the front of the white house. Go through the front doors and head for the door at the rear wall to the left. Enter the washroom and wait for a red suit worker to enter. Wire him and try to stash the body in a corner so it isn’t seen when you open the door. Take his uniform and then head out and through the door across the hall. Make the first left down the hall and continue through the next door. Walk through the kitchen and head outside through the door on the right. Here there will be a guard patrolling around a small courtyard. Wire him and take his clothes and drag him behind the box on the corner.

Head back in the door you came through and hop over the counter in the kitchen to enter the dining room. Make a left through the door there and an immediate right in the hallway to enter the security room. Walk over to the unoccupied desk in the corner and grab the keycard and the video tape. Once you have them, grab the case and move it out of view of the guard that is facing you. Grab the ballers out of it and head through the door you entered from. Make a left and head through the dining room again and continue to the far end. You will enter a long hallway with glass to the left. Go to the door at the end and use the keycard and continue around the corner and up the ramp. When you reach the top, go through the door to the right.

Walk straight and go to the door on the left near the end of the hall. You will need to pick it to enter, but the guard down the hall shouldn’t see you doing it. Look on the map to see if the VP is in there or not. If he isn’t wait in a closet for him to come back to his room. If he is, wait for him to leave but don’t off him just yet. If you do, the first lady will come in and see him. Wait for him in his room and jump out behind him when he is turned. You can either dump his body behind the desk or in the next room in the bin, either way it won’t be found. Exit the same way you entered, or else you will be caught. Make a left when you exit and go through the door there and the next to come to a ramp. Take it all the way down and exit the door at the bottom to come outside. Walk to the far right and a secret service agent will come out a door there. Follow him and take him down and stash the body in the crevice to the west side.

Grab his clothes, card and gun and go through the door he came out of. Follow the hallway to the left and you will come out to a room with cubicles. Stick to the left and make the first corner. Enter the door there and a scene will play as you enter the oval office. Once the scene is over, chase Mark and stay close on his tail or at least keep an eye on the map to see where he is running to so you can follow. He will run out to an outdoor area and start to open fire on you. Use the boxes in the area as cover and fire full tilt when he steps out into the open. Once you drop him, run over and take his custom 1911 and his uniform. Climb the ladder there, and run through the door on the left. Now all you need to do is make your way back to the entrance of the east wing where you first entered the game and head outside to the gate directly ahead of you. Walk up to it and escape to complete the mission.


Objectives: Kill all Witnesses
For this last mission, when the credits are running, wiggle the left analog stick to wake up 47. As he gets up, shoot the closest guards and start running backwards to the walls in the corner. Use them as cover since you will probably need to reload about now. Let the guards come to you and shoot them as they come. Once you have taken out all or most of the guards in the room, go around and pick up all the weapons and ammo that you can. Mp7’s will be scattered about and should reap you a lot of ammo. Exit the building through the slotted glass walls and look on the map to where the few remaining enemies are. By now they should be at the cars on the road and should only be about three enemies left. Take them out from a distance if you can since the Cayne has a custom 1911 that does some heavy damage. The reporter should be the last enemy to take out as he tries to go through the main gate to escape. Shoot him and sit back to watch the ending scene as you have now finally completed the game.

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