Goat Simulator: Tips & Tricks

Available on:  Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS

If you don’t know the PC game Goat Simulator then you’re missing out! It’s a third person action video game which is free roam much like that of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, but with a bit of a twist, you’re a goat. There isn’t much too the game as you would suggest from a sort of gimmick, but you can unlock certain achievements which is always fun, anyways baa baa baa (…blaa blaa blaa, see what I did there?) here is the trailer.

Yes… that actually persuaded me to buy this game.

Anyways, on to the little tips and tricks that you can find on this rather strange game….

Mini Games

Yes within this ridiculous games you can find even more ridiculous games! Available on a large screen TV in one of the houses is the game Flappy Birds although it has been dubbed Flappy Goat of course, because why not. You can play the game by repeatedly pressing the R key to make the bird flap up and down much like the loved phone game.

Perhaps even more excitingly however, on the same TV if you press the backspace button you can open up a whole menu of games including Box Pusher, Drug Wars and a personal favourite, Snake!


Collectibles – Hidden Statues

There are a lot of hidden collectibles and special unlocks in the games which are referred to as Mutations. These change the way your goat acts, it’s look and all of the abilities. IGN UK have a really good guide on how to get some of these collectibles which you can find here.


Activate Devil Goat

There are two ways you can unlock your inner devil goat…

Method 1: Become king of the goats which I will tell you about later in this article, once you have achieved this status you can simply press “R” 5 times in a row and the transformation will start, but I don’t want to give the details and spoil the fun!

Method 2: Hidden in the corner of the woods is a pentagram, drag 5 humans there and again your transformation will start.


King of The Goat

You can become King of The Goats (a well sought after status I’m sure!) by climbing to the top of a spiral stair case located on the side of a small stone tower. Once you enter the door you will be transported to a somewhat throne room and greeted by several other goats, once you take your place on the throne you can summon “Peasants” (goats that come from the sky).


On a final note I’d only really suggest this game to people who are fans of goats or who have a couple of quid to spare and have literally no idea what to spend it on.

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