Fifa 16 Tricks & Skills To Beat Your Mates

Fifa is a game that everyone has played or is at least familiar with, meaning there are a lot of good people out there who spend their lives playing the game. Needless to say, playing online can be harsh and facing your friends on the pitch can be even worse, even more so if you commit to the five-goal apology rule. In order to get on top Fifa form we have compiled some Fifa 16 tricks to help you be the best out of all your mates.

Here are a few of the top, easy-to-do tricks that you can pull out of your arsenal at any time and destroy your mates on Fifa 16:

Body Feint: (2 Star Skill)

Right: Right Stick flick →

Left: Right Stick flick ←

Reverse Stepover:  (2 Star Skill)

Right: Right Stick →↗↑

Left: Right Stick ←↖↑

Fake Left & Go Right: (3 Star Skill)

Right Stick ←↙↓↘→, do the opposite to fake right then go left.

Roulette: (3 Star Skill)

Right: Right stick 270 degree clockwise rotation

Left: Right Stick 270 degree anti-clockwise rotation

Stop & Turn: (4 Star Skill)

Right: Right Stick Flick ↑ Flick ←

Left: Right Stick Flick ↑ Flick →

Turn & Spin: (5 Star Skill)

Right: Right Stick Flick ↑ Flick →

Left: Right Stick Flick ↑ Flick ←

You can use these tricks on all Playstation, Xbox and Computer platforms but the stick movement may be slightly different from one platform to another based upon the controller you use.

I must stress that of course there are other skills, but these are the ones that are particularly useful for getting past defenders. If you know of any other useful tricks or tip bits then please feel free to share in the comment section below the page.

If that’s not enough you can find all the Fifa 16 skills, tricks and more in the video below:

Credit to: Shade

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