Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Tricks and tips

No less than a month ago, veteran Japanese gaming producers Bandai Namco decided to put their efforts into a game that has literally and figuratively evolved RPG gaming. Known for their fast paced action games packed with visual surroundings such as Tekken, Dark Souls & the Naruto Shippuden series, Bandai take no prisoners in delivering what is a unique ladder of nostalgic digivolution ecstasy. A must play for all that was a fan of the Digimon franchise at any point in time.


If you’re a seasonsed veteran of the game, or just recent rookie, here are some tricks to really help you progress faster in the game.

  1. Leveling up with a PlatinumSukamon

digimon 1

Now if you’ve played the game, you can understand that leveling up is pretty quick and simple. Bandai Namco has designed the game for quick paced leveling to give a realistic exploration throughout the digivolution ladder. However, getting a digimon to super-ultimate take’s time, and there is a trick to leveling up your Digimon to the advanced levels, fast.

The trick is to have multiple PlatinumSukamon in your party. Why? They each offer bonus experience points to the party when their CAM is increased. So ideally you will need to use them in battle, which isn’t as bad as it seems. They do offer some great moves such as ‘Panic Wisp’ which forces the opponent Digimon to attack others within their party.

Christmas just came early, because all of a sudden a platinumsukamon in your party, you can stack your experience points bonus up to 300-400%. Even fighting basic enemies on Kowloon Level 4 can get 3000-4000 experience points in a battle. Having used this technique myself, I found myself leveling up a Shakkoumon from lvl 1 – 52 in under 2 hours of farm.

Here are a few Digimon you can use to either Digivolve or De-Digivolve to get the PlatinumSukamon.

  • Keramon
  • Motimon
  • Hagurumon
  • Hackmon
  • Etemon
  • MetalMamemon
  • Vademon

2. Items that grant additional experience

There is another way to get the same effect without having a 200 ton of shiny metal poop bouncing around in your party. Finding the item ‘Strategist’s USB’ has the same ability, and also allows you to stack. It’s a rare drop late on in the game from defeating wild PlatinumSukamon, but a drop all the same. It’s a possibility to collect the item mid-game but you need to make sure your digifarm game is strong. With the majority of your Digimon on your island switched to ‘builder’ and at least two development items stored within the island itself.

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