The Long Dark: Walk Through

I woke up in the middle of a blizzard, freezing and disoriented I looked around me, only able to see a few feet ahead in any direction. As I started walking forward I questioned myself, did I choose the right direction? All around me are trees and snow, wind and doubt, in the distance I see a shape taking form, a sign and guard rails. As I get closer I see the remnants of a road winding up a hill on my left, the wind is getting stronger and I can tell im moving slower, im taking a gamble there is shelter at the top of this hill. As I clear the top of the hill I see an outpost, 30 – 50 feet in the air atop a winding red staircase.

Struggling to make it to the top of the stair I fall through the outpost’s door and into one small cramped abandoned rangers post. Rifle on the table, 5 shells on the floor, some kindling by the stove and an energy bar. I lit a small fire in the stove, but without proper clothing I never really warmed up. Taking some snow from outside I melted it on the stove, but before I could get it to boil the fire went out. I ate the energy bar and grabbed the rifle, made my way back into the howling wind, down the stairs and started descending down the hill.

Im starting to freeze to death, no food, no shelter, no heat, it doesn’t look good. I follow the road heading away from the outpost atop the hill, the wind starts to die down and I can see further into the distance now. Round a small hill to my left and see a building in the distance built into a mountain, ive lost track of the road, lost under the snow, I head to the building. Under the snow I see something red, I get closer and see it is a dead fox, half eaten, mostly frozen. I have no tools, nothing to cut the meat, I have to abandon the carcass and pray there is food in the building up ahead.

I open the giant metal door, this is a hydroelectric dam, empty and abandoned, dark and silent. My body is going into shock, I have no food, no water, no way of building a fire. My only hope is to find a furnace and pray there is wood nearby to burn. As I walk into the main room coming through the front door I can see hulking machinery, up ahead, file cabinets to my right, and stairs going down to my left. It reminds me of something out of a horror movie, pitch black with only light from a small window, something is lighting up the stairs, beckoning me. Im dying, I can hear the wind outside starting to pick back up, I head down the stairs in a last ditch effort to find heat, to find what the light is coming from below. I take 3 steps and see a shadow at the bottom of the stairs, it’s a wolf, and it guarding something, meat… I pull out my rifle and before I can take aim the wolf lunges at me, I cant fight back, im too weak. I die on the floor of the building.

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