Battlefield 1 FPS – Trailer, E3, Opinions, Weapons & Vehicles

If you follow MCM Gaming then you may have seen my post moan about how there are no good FPS games anymore, well now I’ve had to question if my cries for help have been answered. Battlefield 1 released their trailer a few months back and well, it looks like a winner, but is it?

I was really excited by the trailer it looked very Call of Duty 2 and perhaps even more excitingly it’s to be released on PC! Which usually takes months after the PS4 & Xbox One release. It’s also based in World War One, so none of those crappy b******t shields or insane armour that comes with games like Halo, which is a fantastic win for me on a personal level.

E3 is just around the corner so fans of the trailer should be excited to potentially see more about this well anticipated game. As there always is there should be some pretty big announcements around E3 in regards to the game, but we’ll have to wait to see what EA have in store for us.

I do have two major concern though. They have put a lot of focus into melee based weapons though, with several of the weapon list consisting of close combat weapons like maces and….. a shovel? This sends off alarm bells as it is labelled as a First Person SHOOTER, and in the past when games have focused on this, they haven’t been amazing. Secondly, Vehicles, and this is completely opinionated but I’m a massive fan of multiplayer online games that are competitive and I tend to hold the opinion that vehicles ruin FPS games in multiplayer, if confined to single player though I’m all for it.

This as always is an opinionated article, and I would love to hear your opinion on the game. Overall the reviews of the trailer and comments are overwhelmingly positive and it seems to have caught the attention of some major players in the gaming industry, so it looks like regardless of what happens at E3 – given they don’t make a royal cock up, it should be quite a popular game. There appears to be a big budget behind it with a large advertising push, so if you are in the market for a new FPS that is going to be popular, away from your COD remakes then this is definitely one to try.

You can see the trailer here

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