Review: The Order: 1886. Am I In Control?

Having paid little attention to this game over the past months (with me being and Xbox fan), I decided to pick a copy up to fill a weekend. The details I knew about this game were slim and after a friend warned me about it after I had installed it I was left worrying about what I had let myself into.

Was it a waste of money? NO, not at all !

Once the game was loaded I was greeted by one of the most stunning cut scenes I have seen from a game. This was followed by a short prologue in which I just had to complete a few objectives, and escape from a prison. The game was obviously leading up to how I got here, so naturally I was left wanting to know more. The game did a great job of gripping me into the story, making me want to carry on through the night to discover its secrets, and after (roughly) seven hours of game play I found that developer Ready At Dawn’s  alternative version of London had many to offer. With historical figures like inventor Nikola Tesla, who serves as the The Order’s very own version of Q, and by having him involved it made the addition of the Victorian super-weapons, such as the Arc Gun, and Shoulder Cannon much more believable. The game also introduced stories of the fabled serial killer Jack the Ripper and centred a big chunk of the games story around the famed East India Company. With these few additions I already found myself immersed in a rich story that I already knew so much about!

The game play was fun and enjoyable but unlike the story I felt like there was still a lot more room for improvement. Between the stunning cut scene’ you are left with a basic job of clearing out sections of enemies and waiting to be told its all clear and a few scripted button press boss fight, the game dose try to throw in some puzzle solving but it dose not get much harder than move item A to location B and turn Item c to open a gate. When the game does let you control Sir Galahad (Your character) the movement feels sluggish and at time unresponsive pair this with a cover base system which you will constantly be using, then you are faced with the games hardest challenge of completing a stealth based mission while trying to overcome this, but once you are use to this it becomes less noticeable.

The Order presents a few different forms of enemy’s whether it be a mercenary with a shotgun, mercenary with armour or a werewolf, but ultimately none provide much of a challenge, only when it comes the the button press boss fights do you find yourself making a error due to a laps in concentration, but you death is usually rewarded with a cool death like getting your throat ripped out! Weapons and ammo in the game can become scarce but you can usually guaranty a ammo bag will be around a corner, and like most games you’ll find yourself progressively introduced to new weapons which will make your next mission a bit easier.

Ready at Dawn have made a visually stunning game with streets that are alive with activity but you are left as an observer of this and wishing for a bit more interaction with the world, this does not make The Order a bad game just a game set up perfectly for a second instalment, due to the story ending abruptly with a whole bunch of open story lines left to explore, so instead of feeling angry that it has ended so suddenly I am actually left with a desire to know what happens next.


As a whole the game is stunning with a gripping story and amazing atmosphere which helps hide the games slow movement, little freedom and only really collectables adding to the replay value, and despite the negatives I would recommend this game to anyone!

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