Top 5 Sports Games on the Xbox One 2017

The Xbox One is one of the top consoles around at the moment and some of the most popular games on it are those that let you emulate your sporting hero’s. We have compiled some of the top sports games available this year on the Xbox:

NBA 2K17

Xbox Sport GamesThis is a basketball game which is the 18th version of the NBA 2K franchise, it features Paul George on the cover who is a player for the Indiana Packers but on the Legends Edition if you prefer to fork out for the game it then features Kobe Bryant. It’s a game based on the National Basketball Association and it offers several game modes to playering including MyCareer (which is like Fifa’s Be A Pro) where you can design a player and work through your career, you can also use MyGM and MyLeague modes to control the entire organisation or MyTeam where the player can compete against other players teams.

On top of just including standard NBA teams you can also play as national teams, EuroLeague teams and classic teams.

Fifa 17

Fifa has been around for a long time now and if you’ve never heard of it, you must be living under a rock. It’s the most popular soccer game available on the Xbox currently, it allows you to play as your favourite team and go for glory, build a fantasy team with the Ultimate Team section & build your own pro. The most important new feature of the game though is you get to play as Alex Hunter, you have a walkthrough of his life to becoming a professional footer, which is cool for a few hours (don’t buy the game purely on this section, it’s over far too quickly). Fifa is also one of the most popular sport betting games with the rise of eSports in recent years.

Madden NFL 17

This American football sports game is based on the NFL league and is the 28th version of the Madden series, this edition features the New England Patriots player, Rob Gronkowski as the cover. The difference between this game and the other previous editions is that they have upgraded the ground game with a redesign and better franchise mode. It also offers a new ball carrier UI which helps teach more moves and a further path assist which helps down field anticipation. Just like Fifa however, EA Sports, have gone for the approach of if it’s not broken (and it’s selling), don’t fix it.

Pro Evo Soccer 2017

The game that used to compete with Fifa in the early 2000s but has failed to live up to expectation in recent years. They’ve made some leaps this year and the in-play game engine has changed slightly so it feels different to other years and the graphics have really come on leaps and bounds but if you have Fifa already, you’ve got the better game… Pro Evo is often just bought for those who are nostalgic and want it to be what it once was. That being said if you take Fifa out of the equation it’s not a bad soccer game… Not that it means much.

Rocket League

Well, it’s kind of a sports game, it’s kind of not… In what I mean by that is it’s much like if you’ve seen that Top Gear episode where they play a giant game of football with VW Fox’s vs Toyota Aygos. You’re in a “souped” up small almost RC car like vehicle with large nets either side and a large inflatable ball with the loose rules of football. It’s hard to explain what this game is really about, and it’s not something I think I would ever take seriously, but it’s a great game to pass the time.


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