Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit

Recently Greenlit on Steam within only 15 days, the question is asked: What exactly is a “social deduction” game? Can such a social tabletop game be online and 3D without issues? Imperium42 Game Studio’s Throne of Lies is based off the Werewolf/Mafia (1986) genre, traditionally for real-life party games, tabletop and TCG.


Inspired by medieval politics, Throne of Lies takes an exciting new twist on the genre, dropping you into a medieval setting full of 35+ sociopathic classes and 4 factions waging war against the other. The objective is simple: Discover your allies, dispose of the rest. There are over 100 special abilities to use, but your wit and deductive ability are your main weapons. Each match will contain up to 16 players

Throne of Lies

Throne of Lies was designed to deliver high replay value – You can play many game sessions while still discovering new and unique experience each game. Social deduction games like this actually encourage you to betray/tease your friends. The game makes death-time fun, you can taunt the dead with hand-drawn Deathnotes and troll the living with social manipulation abilities –  and even convert players to their darker personas!
Their live Kickstarter campaign is going on right now, set to end on February 24th and has already been selected as Kickstarter’s Project We Love. For a limited time, supporters can claim the game for 50% off while also unlocking exclusive access to the game before everyone else. Throne of Lies is expected to arrive later in 2017 on Steam.



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