There Are No Good FPS Games Anymore

I love a good FPS, it’s one of my favourite past times. It all originated with my love of UT99 (PC Game, still excellent and I recommend it greatly download here), then I went on to playing COD4 and even Black Ops quite competitively, I was enjoying it. Over the past few years however I’ve just literally been seeing remakes and rebrands of the same sorts of games and nothing I’ve played of recent has lived up to expectation.

I hadn’t played an FPS in a pretty long time and I tried to get back into it as it’s something I really wanted to practice at and play competitively again, and that’s when it struck me, FPS games over the past few years have been dog sh**. Games companies just seem to be remaking old classics, rebranding them and modernizing, we’ll soon be on Battlefield 15, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 11, Bad Company 6, Counter Strike VII and well, you get the idea.


I mean, just as an example have a look at the search results for First Person Shooter games:


It may not be the clearest image, but what I’m getting at is in my opinion (yes, this is an opinionated post if you couldn’t tell) the best few games there are the oldest….

Call Of Duty 4: 2007

Team Fortress 2: 2007 (bit crap, but was popular and competitive)

Half-Life: 1998

Now granted this isn’t an all-encompassing argument by any means and I’m sure there are the odd one of two good first person shooters out there in the past 10 years, but nothing like there used to be.


How about the competitive aspect of first person shooters then? A quick Google search for Competitive First Person Shooters brings up literally nothing apart from a few forum discussions. A few names I’ve heard around are Shootmania, Quake & CS 1.6, but that’s literally it, there doesn’t appear to be much else, no ClanBase, MLG type games circa 2010+. The problem with playing these older games that are still hanging on to their competitive audience is that it won’t last forever, believe me it happened with UT99, it dies out pretty quick.

I really hope you guys can prove me wrong, I really want to find a good FPS that’s current and alive with a large fanbase, so please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section and destroy my argument.


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4 Responses

  1. Gozu says:

    as for competitive, try searching for Competitive Arena First Person Shooters.
    AFPS competitive games are still alive and not going away any time soon 🙂

  2. Christian says:

    Battlefront is a beast FPS, but the issue is that these days all games sell season pass separately. Meaning you’re only buying 4 maps with 5 different game types, and they’re set to release 8 maps in total. This doesn’t even include the extra guns, skins, emotes etc. So although it’s a decent FPS, the game lacks substance due to the fact that game producers lack respect for the consumer.

  3. Justin says:

    I’m just an indie dev, but I’m trying to rethink the competitive FPS with Arms of Telos 🙂

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