N64 Games That Need to be on the Virtual Console for Wii U

First off, I’d like to say I was shock to see Donkey Kong 64 make it to the Virtual Console. I thought the Jetpac game, owned by Rare/Microsoft, would be copyright grounds, and Nintendo would not put it on the Virtual Console. Guess I was wrong. Anyway, let’s talk about the games that I think need to come to the Wii U Virtual Console. (Note: All N64 games that are already on the Wii Virtual Console will not be on this list.)

N64 games, that all of us are missing.

Mario Party 1 and 3 – Come on, if you put Mario Party 2 on the VC, why not the others? Your missing the best ones! (insert your opinion here….).

Diddy Kong Racing – I might be too far fetched here, guys, but if Nintendo can discuss with Rare to put DK64 on the VC over the Jetpac game plus Phil Spencer being okay with Banjo and Kazooie getting in Smash Brothers, then I believe they can come to an agreement over Banjo and Conker and put Diddy Kong Racing on the VC.

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Goemon’s Great Adventure – Nintendo put the Super Nes and Game Boy Ganbare Goemon games on the Virtual Console, so why not put the N64 games? Those two games are some of the best obscure classics I’ve ever played. They need to be on the Virtual Console, so people can discover those hidden masterpieces.

Megaman 64 – Since Megaman’s final smash in Super Smash Brothers is him with is other counterparts, that almost confirms we will get Megaman Legends on the Virtual Console.

With Donkey Kong 64 starting off as one of the first N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console, I see a very bright future for this section of the Virtual Console.

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