Marvel Movies Impact on the Games Industry

In recent years there has been a massive surge in Marvel movies which have all been geared towards the build-up of the Avengers launch (phase one & phase two), which you can clearly see in the trends graph below. This has resulted in a lot of games being produced around the once purely comic based company such as the Marvel Contest of Champions Mobile App, Create Your Own Superhero game by Marvel themselves and even Marvel Online Pokies which are Marvel gambling games.


Marvel massively effected the movie industry, but what effect or impact has it had on the gaming industry? Well the trend also paints a very similar picture, although there isn’t as large interest it’s a massively growing market and I think we can expect to see Marvel pump more money into their gaming sector quite soon.

Marvel Games

They have already produced a lot of games so far, most of them have become a hit in the mobile market as opposed to their console cousins whether that is going to change or not appears to be unanswered. They are however pushing more and more into the gaming market with the most recent announcement being the release of Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 mobile game and the Lego Marvel Avengers Ant Man DLC for Playstation which is in line with their fairly recent (2015) Ant Man movie release.

It’s quite surprising that with the likes of the first the first Avengers movie making over $1.5m worldwide and Age of Ultron following shortly behind with $1.3m so far that Marvel are still finding it hard to completely crack the gaming market. There is a massive demand for their films so typically you’d suspect that would be the case for their games, but there is yet to be a large blockbuster game release. The game they seem to care about the most is Marvel Heroes 2016, a PC game which was created by the same person who made Diablo and Diablo 2 and keeps getting renamed every year to include the relevant year in the title, god knows why.

I mean, Marvels failed potential is highlighted extremely well in the IGN Youtube game review of the Marvel Heroes game.

They completely rip it apart, and the community looks to agree.

In Summary

Marvel have had an extremely minimal impact on the gaming market so far, only dipping their toe in at the moment. I think there are definitely exciting things to come, well, there has to be the amount of potential Marvel have to crack the games market it would be a travesty if they didn’t! Watch this space, I can guarantee they will get their blockbuster sometime in the near future.

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