GT2VolExploder: One step closer to modding Gran Turismo 2

Earlier this month, Airesoft released a tool for Gran Turismo 2 that allows anyone (like you or me) to unpack the VOL files from the game, make changes to them, and repack them (as long as you have a little bit of technical knowledge.

I could go into detail about how this works, but I think the creator says it best on their website. Essentially, what this tool does is allow you to have a play around with the tracks and cars within the game, even the various versions and demos, too.

While we’re not quite in the position to create cars from scratch and add them into the game, like people regularly do with the PC version of Driver, amongst other PC games, it could well be the tool that paves the way for such modding.

But don’t think for a second that the GT2VolExploder is some kind of chocolate teapot – what it does allow you to do is take all those tracks that never made it – as well as the beta versions of tracks that did – from the demo versions of the game, and add them into the final Gran Turismo 2. In fact, it’s already begun:

Also, the tool allows you take any car that only appeared in a particular version of Gran Turismo 2, and add it in to another version, which allows you to race certain cars side by side for the first time:

You can also export cars from the demo builds and add them into the final game:


However, it’s still early days, and I’m sure that a lot more is yet to come from the tool. I’m very excited to see what people will accomplish!

But to be honest, what I’d really love to see is a tutorial that shows us not just how to perform basic things on it, but also the extent of what can be accomplished with GT2VolExploder.

Here’s to an exciting future for a game that’s celebrating its 17th birthday this year!

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