Cheapest Place To Buy PC Games Online (Humble Bundle & Alternatives)

Are you after some cheap PC games? Well there’s an easy way to get extremely discounted games on a weekly basis, and it’s of course completely legal. Paying full whack for a game now a day can set you back between £40-60 which is ridiculous, most of us can’t afford to get new games on release day due to this massive cost involved.

There are several really cool “bundle” sites on the web which put a package together of some great games in which you can essentially pay what you want which is often between $1-$5. At this price you will get 3-5 games typically, which isn’t bad! Often these are indie games but sometimes you get some great finds like recently I have seen Skyrim, Saints Row and even the legendary Rayman himself, you also occasionally get top grossing games like Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed. These bundles are definitely the cheapest place to buy PC games online.

Enough of the yap, where can I get these games from? Here are a list of some of the bundle sites you can utilise on a weekly / monthly basis to grow your games collection.

How does it work? Well often you will find these things are for charity, so the proceeds raised are often either donated or go to small indie games developers who can afford to sell their games at a massively discounted price. In terms of when you buy the bundle how do you get the games, typically you will be sent an email or a message with Steam or Origin keys dependant on the platform of which you can redeem.

If I have missed a bundle out and you want to shout about it please let me know in the comments below and I will add to my list, these are all I could find. The only one in which I regularly buy is Humble Bundle, so let me know if you have any better alternatives!

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