A £66,000 SNES!?

Yes, you read that right.

If you thought the likes of Nintendo World Championships and Atari Air Raid brought in the big bucks when sold at auction, then this latest sale might have just eclipsed both of them.

Here’s the original listing, though I’m not sure how long the page will stay live for, so I’ve included a screenshot of the auction too.

SNES super nintendo 66 thousand pounds

There are rare video game consoles out there that fetch a fair bit of money, such as the Pikachu N64, the S.T.A.R.S. Dreamcast, or even the one-of-a-kind Atari Xbox. Development consoles such as the Net Yaroze PS1 also often sell for hundreds, if not breaking into thousands of pounds.

But what is it about this console that makes it so rare and so valuable?

It’s the Street Fighter II SNES console pack, usually retails for anywhere between £50 and £250 depending on the condition of the item. Also, I believe the cartridge in there is Smash TV.

A lot of Super Nintendos tend to discolour over years of ownership, going from a pristine grey to a scummy yellow. In the words of AVGN, “I don’t know why. Maybe everyone pisses on them.”

But still, look at the condition of the console and box in the auction – it’s pretty near perfect. Is that enough to command the outrageous bidding though?

The truth comes out

What’s really going on here?

I’ll tell you.

The truth is that there’s nothing distinct about this SNES. It’s in good condition, yes, but that’s the difference between tens and hundreds of pounds, not thousands.

To find out what’s going on here, we have to go back before this auction even began.

The seller whose auction this is, also put up a Mega Drive / Genesis for sale previously. Despite a bidder winning the auction, the seller refused to post the item, insisting that the buyer pays double the winning bid, because it sold for less than it was worth.

It goes without saying, but you just don’t do that. If you’re not willing to let something go cheaply, then start the auction at a higher price or put a reserve on it.

Revenge plot

The winning bidder wasn’t best pleased, as you can imagine, and also happened to be a member of a gaming Facebook group.

So, he and his mates decided to continuously bid on this unassuming SNES console, and while the seller was growing evermore excited at the prospect of selling his console for thousands, little did he know that this was all a windup. None of the bidders ever intended on paying once the auction was over!

Ah well, we don’t have a new gaming collectible on our hands after all, ready to break the boundaries of Nintendo World Championships and the like. But it’s a funny story nonetheless…

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