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Cargo Commander 0

Cargo Commander PC Review

As the father of an ever-growing/ever-distancing preteen, I know what it’s like to miss my kid; these days more than ever, actually. Yet my parental lamentations are meaningless compared to the dad you play...

Painkiller 0

Painkiller: Hell and Damnation PC Review

Painkiller was a game that resonated with audiences primarily because of its retro throwbacks. Dressed up in heavy metal, its gory brand of shooting had a pure, unadulterated quality that provided a bloody refuge...

Diablo III 0

Diablo III PC Review

I knew that Diablo III wasn’t going to be your grandfather’s Diablo. I slogged through hours upon hours of monster slaying and loot gathering in both the original game, then the follow up Diablo...

Tryst 0

Tryst PC Review

RTS games are not going away; no matter what else happens in the strategy portion of the gaming industry, they’re going to continue to be produced. Bringing something new to the genre is difficult...

Resident Evil 6 0

Resident Evil 6 – Xbox 360 Review

Forty-six hours. What can you do in 46 hours? Watch 46 episodes of your Law and Order series of choice. Drive most of the way across the US (at a law-abiding 60 mph, of...

Magical Drop V 0

Magical Drop V – PC Review

I’m not a puzzle guy. Oh sure, I’ve had Tetris on my cell phone as a time-waster, but I never joined the cult of Bejeweled or any of the similar knockoffs that have come...

The Long Dark 0

The Long Dark: Walk Through

I lit a small fire in the stove, but without proper clothing I never really warmed up. Taking some snow from outside I melted it on the stove, but before I could get it to boil the fire went out.